Face 2 Face takes down the Templars in WGT CL

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 15 July 2008 23:06

The Templars losing another and iG losing to MYM. Here are the results from WGTour Clan League week 6.

WGTour Clan League Week 6
Infernal Gamers vs. MeetYourMakers 1-4
Chile iG.MOJ<Lithuania MYM.Arew1-2
Finland iG.MadClaw<Ukraine MYM.Strelok0-2
Spain iG.SaJeR>Chile MYM.DinOt2-0
Korea iG.YongSun<Poland MYM.Yayba0-2
None iG.DrunkenWun
United States iG.CaiHong
<Chile MYM.DinOt
Ukraine MYM.Strelok
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Face to Face vs. Templars of Twilight 3-1
Hungary Kashu[F2F]>Germany ToT)iNfeRnaL(2-0
Hungary Ace[F2F]>Netherlands ToT)ret(2-0
Malaysia MarinE[F2F]<Italy ToT)ClouD(0-2
Belarus LoWeLy[F2F]>Poland ToT)Gosia(2-1
Hungary Kashu[F2F]
Hungary Dromedar[F2F]
vs.Germany ToT)Mondragon(
Poland ToT)GohaN(
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Excello vs. Los Reyes del Mambo 2-0
Croatia Excello.Ptakvs.Poland LRM)MIStrZZZ0-0
Korea Excello.oOvs.Chile LRM)pALLo1-1
Peru Excello.CaStrOvs.Germany LRM)dOTY0-0
Poland Excello.Moonek>Poland LRM)Sawyer.2-0
Romania Excello.Ryko
Poland Excello.Moonek
>Poland LRM)MIStrZZZ
Chile LRM)pALLo
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Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół vs. Lyra Stars 4-0
Poland pZZZyCHoL>Russia Lyra.JunG2-0
Poland uZZZer>Russia Lyra.Face)oFF2-0
Poland ZZZoomvs.Russia Lyra.oMa0-0
Poland ZZZecond>Russia Lyra.Slim2-0
Poland JohnekZZZ
Poland ZZZakIinacz
>Poland Lyra.Devil
Russia Lyra.Face)oFF
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The match of the week for this round was the team leading this division at the moment, infernal Gamers, taking on the ever growing MeetYourMakers. iG has been doing very well in the beginning of the season, but still some matches has not been played, and the last two matches they actually played have been pretty big losses. MeetYourMakers took the face-off four matches to one.

F2F have been doing well this season, losing two of their matches - to MYM and LRM - and this week they did extremely well, taking on the Templars of Twilight and winning 3-1 (2on2 still to be played).

Excello doing well as usual, this time took on LRM with a good line-up. Unfortunately only two games are finished and the one with Yoon playing pALLo is still tied 1-1 in games. Let us wait and see what Excello can pull out their sleves to figure this one out.

Last matchup was won by the Polish ZZZ. Both ZZZ and Lyra have not had such a great season this far, and this match gave ZZZ their first win. One match is still to be played, but with a 0-4 score there is not much Lyra can do to change it to the better.

3D has been having some problems lately with their line-up and showing up in time - or at all - and just as in week 5 they got another walk over loss, this time versus fuSion.

Next week in WGTCL
Germany Templars of Twilightvs.Europe infernal Gamers
Russia Lyra Starsvs.Portugal Excello
Hungary Face to Facevs.Poland Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół
Russia Danger Destruction Deathvs.Denmark MeetYourMakers
Russia fuSion Teamvs.Spain Los Reyes del Mambo

GosuBets for next week should be up shortly, stay tuned for more results from WGTour Clan League.

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