Swoopie, kotgpower, BertPvD wins GosuBet

Posted by Manuel "Amock" at 06 May 2008 14:16
minerals.gif 258626 Poland BertPvD
minerals.gif 159758 Canada overl0rd
minerals.gif 97429 Peru Sonambul0
minerals.gif 42833 Ukraine Sibiryak
minerals.gif 35753 Poland Neonium
minerals.gif 26562 Poland Spuczan
minerals.gif 21103 Ukraine St.reVa
minerals.gif 13082 Finland rollthedice
minerals.gif 12602 Russia Defi
minerals.gif 11415 Germany TiQ.BloodSugar.

Yet another season of our own GosuBet has ended. That means that it's also a new fresh start for everyone to try their luck and knowledge.

We want to congratulate Norway kotgpower, Sweden Swoopie and Poland BertPvD to their victory and we look forward to see, if they can stay in the top 10 in the next season!

Compared to the last season Warcraft III and DotA made a huge step in the highscores, this is particularly based on growth of the numbers of GosuBets. The season lasted a total of 60 days, but now we have opened up the May and June season, which will last til the first of July.

We already see a couple of contenders trying to reach a high position early on, with 2Pacalypse- and dragon[kiss] having 179 minerals already in the StarCraft section. The other two sections still have to wait for the first games of the season to finish.

tangos.gif 18891Sweden Swoopie
tangos.gif 18061 Germany 000.Zulu
tangos.gif 11197Germany eQual]
tangos.gif 9008Bulgaria DaRk.ZoNe
tangos.gif 7878Germany m1cr0b
tangos.gif 6887 United States cRusad3r
tangos.gif 3664Germany Lunatic-
tangos.gif 3150Germany MagicaL
tangos.gif 3150Spain warheart
tangos.gif 3150 Finland Nikke-
gold.gif 61352 Norway kotgpower
gold.gif 26743 China xtruder
gold.gif 24270 Australia LouisXIII
gold.gif 14504 Bulgaria Ton4ef
gold.gif 13000 Finland Nikke-
gold.gif 12577 Sweden ixion
gold.gif 11475 Sweden Raistlin
gold.gif 9433 Korea ayakashi0
gold.gif 9315 Spain evilstoy
gold.gif 8495 Sweden Dectilon

Gogo bet!

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