Blizzard's Advancement

General Dawn “DawnFX” Kim

The news of StarCraft II has been going around for a while. Ever since it was announced at the 2007 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, new development has been in process.

In the past previous weeks, more new information on the Protoss and Terran forces have been released. Firstly, let's cover the mighty Protoss.

The first three buildlings of the Protoss Armada, are buildings we all know: Nexus, Gateway, and the Forge. It's functionalities involving production of Probes, offensive units and Photon Cannons. cybercore.gifNow, the Protoss has developed the Twilight Council. A building which first requires the Gateway in order to research of the Stalker and the Immortal. In other words, it kind of acts as a Cybernetics Core (picture). Speaking of Cybernetics Core, it now acts as a massive upgrade facility for the Zealot, Stalker, Immortal, Weapon/Armor, Air units, Stalker's blink, Zealot's charge, and so much more. Who would've thought?

The Robotics Facility now allows the Protoss to warp in Phase Prisms, Observers, Reavers, and the Colossus. Although the warping of the Colossus requires the War Beacon there should be no problem there. Next on is a totally new buildling called the Null Circuit. Strange name for the mighty Protoss I know. This specific building is more of a combination of the Observatory and Robotics Support Bay - enabling observer and reaver production and upgrades for units. Another brand new Protoss building called the Dark Obelisk has been revealed but it's purpose or support function information has not yet been released.

Moving onto the Terran Dominion, the Terran Firebat is still being considered whether it should still remain in the game or not. Dustin Browder touched upon this topic of the Firebat, saying, "We've got the Marine, Medic, Reaper, Ghost... How many is too much? Is 5 too much? 6 too much?"

command-centre.jpgOn terms of the Terran buildings, apart from the fact that the Command Centre can create a Planetary Fortress, it can also carry 5 SCV's while lifted in the air - which would make expanding on to an island much easier to get it running. Speaking of expanding, high-yield golden minerals were shown in screenshots - these limited golden minerals contain 12 crystal units per cycle, rather then the usual 8 from the blue minerals.

Blizzard still has so much more to show us for StarCraft II and the hype can not be even higher. The game is still in internal pre-alpha mode but unlike Blizzard's other title games, it's taking the fans along for the development cycle to give them what they really want.

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