SCII site update: Twilight Archon

General Mark “Jiminy” K

Two Protoss buildings, and eight units have been shown to the public, and are to be found on the page. With these announced this early, who knows what will happen at Blizzcon!


Filling the role of the ‘Light’ Archons of StarCraft, Twilight Archons are the same lightning-wielding bruisers we know and love. The twist? According to its background article, the reunification of the Protoss means a Twilight Archon can now be formed by the merging of any two templar, period. Sounds kind of tame until you consider turning your covert DT squad into an (even more) ridiculous back door assault. What this means for the Dark Archon, we’ll have to wait and see.

Worth to note is that the Archon is now walking instead of hovering like it did in StarCraft 1. Does this mean he is able to get hurt by spider mines-- or wait, will there be spider mines?

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