Soul Hunter loses Soul

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan

The training camp has begun and like most training camps, not everyone or thing, makes it out. Blizzard's first unit ousted from the list of units revealed to the public is the Soul Hunter.

Amidst vast amounts of criticism towards the hovering Protoss unit, it seems that the Soul Hunter has lost its usefulness within the Templar ranks. A new thread under the name "Unit Training Camp" has been posted on the StarCraft General Forums. The very first post details the criteria of which StarCraft II units are faced with in an evaluation:
We have a lot of units going into StarCraft 2 right now. Many of these units you have already seen, others you haven't had a chance to hear about yet. We have a few rules for our units:
1) A unit should have a cool personality. A unit must be something that is fun to play with.

2) A unit should have their own very unique role on the battlefield.

3) A unit should be fun for the enemy to try to deal with. Generally this means good strengths and interesting weaknesses.

The post states that the Soul Hunter will not be appearing at Blizzcon. This does not technically mean that it has been taken out of StarCraft II completely. So like any player ousted form the big leagues into minors, it still has a chance to prove itself and make a return. So what of the three criterion did the Soul Hunter not meet or was it all three?

If the three criterion were to be used by the StarCraft community, then the Soul Hunter would fail requirement number one completely. It's not hard to find a "hater" of the Soul Hunter model in any one of the StarCraft sites out there. A general consensus of the hover-board riding/surfing unit was that it looked horrible. It has been the target of ridicule and Photoshop for quite sometime.

Secondly, it's unique role has been questioned many times. With units such as the Reaver, Templar (Psi Storm), Dark Templar, Stalker, Zealot, Twilight Archon, and possibly even the Colossus, there really isn't much room for another anti-infantry unit in the Protoss army. It's unique feature of upgrading its attack from one to three beams isn't popular with the majority of StarCraft fans either. Although an interesting concept of leveling units instead of heroes, it was not very well received.

The results of the third rule is still a secret that only the alpha testers at Blizzard would know. Maybe the upgrade ability was too much of a burden on players to utilize, or maybe it really did look bad in large epic StarCraft battles. Well either way, unless Blizzard says something, no one will know, not even the attendees going to Blizzcon.

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