SC2 will maintain the same fast game-play

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"We are working really hard to make the game as fun as we possibly can so that the community can get a good look at the game in just a few weeks," says Cavez.

Blizzard replies to the comments and concerns on the forum. The autocast issue, the amount of bling bling and to 'give us feedback' overall.

A lot of people in the scene are still concerned that the balance of what looks great and what is easy to understand is one of the biggest issues in StarCraft 2. Too much glow and bling bling can make a game hard to understand and can be terrible for fast-paced game-play. But don't think that Blizzard is not listening. Cavez, a Blizzard employee, expressed his comments and concerns at the Battle.Net forum.

The graphic/gameplay balance - a very legitimate concern

- StarCraft is played at a very fast speed. StarCraft 2 is going to maintain this same fast game play. So this is a very legitimate concern, says Cavez, and adds that they are making every effort to make the graphics and the gameplay as balanced as possible - in to something that looks great but also allows you to instantly read everything in the middle of a complicated fight.

Colossus doing heavy damage on the Marines - with too much special effects?

Our goal is to update the interface and then add a bunch more stuff that players can do to show off their skill.
- Cavez
One of the topics Cavez brings up in his forum post is the Zerglings, shown at the World Wide Invitational. He agrees that they don't read that well, mostly because they don't have enough team color.
- Sometimes stuff doesn't read that well and you guys get to see it. The Zerglings that we showed in Korea are a great example, he says. He further says that they decided it was better they showed the Zerglings than to just leave them out.

The Protoss Mothership

"Autocast will eliminate skill"

Another thing that has been highly criticized by the hardcore Starcraft fans are the unlimited unit selection or autocast which will take all of the skill out of the game. Cavez says that they must be able to update their interface because there will be so much more to do in StarCraft 2 than its precursor.
- Obviously we want to update our interface but at the same time skilled players MUST be able to show off their abilities. Our goal is to update the interface and then add a bunch more stuff that players can do to show off their skill, writes Cavez.

Blizzard wants your inputs

Cavez also says that Blizzard is very eager to hear your thoughts and input on what you like and do not like.
- We will definitely be taking note when the community doesn't like something and see what we can do. We still have a lot of time left to make this game so don''t panic if you see something you don't like, but DO post about it, he ends his post.

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