Lead producer of StarCraft 2 interviewed

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

Chris Sigaty, lead producer of StarCraft 2 and former lead producer of WarCraft 3, was interviewed by GameSpot.

This one was published by GameSpot on the 22nd of May, but it received little recognition. In the interview Mr. Sigaty, lead producer of StarCraft 2, explains a few things about the decisions made and the future of StarCraft 2.
- I mean it's kind of at the core philosophy of Blizzard, as far as being very tied into e-Sports; we're very tied into competitive gameplay, he says about the issues of multiplayer, competitive eSports.

Watch the interview at YouTube below, or download it at GameSpot.com.

Many thanks goes out to Raist at TeamLiquid who wrote a transcript of the interview.

GameSpot.com - Download the interview
TeamLiquid.net - Interview transcript
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