The community's thoughts on StarCraft 2

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Waking up to the news of the announcement of StarCraft II at WWI, as Blizzard's next big game was really something. Will it turn Brood War into just another historical game that died because of its follow-up? We have been gathering thoughts from some of our known players about the release, the new game and how it will affect the game we all love, StarCraft: Brood War. Enjoy!

Brood War versus StarCraft II

Many had mixed emotions, for although most people were happy, they were also scared about what this could mean. But we've been waiting for a long time, and Australia Legionnaire, at least, feels enthusiastic about it. Not that he wants Brood War to die: he just believes people should think of it as something good.
- Blizzard has a fantastic reputation of making and perfecting games, so I'm sure they will do a good job with sc2. So I have no worries and I'm really looking forward to it. He also tells us because so many things seem to be the same as in Brood War that it does not really feel like a new game.
- It seems so much is similar, they should just see it as an expansion set.

Others, however, feel the opposite is true and are not at all happy about it. Germany ToT)Mondragon( does not really feel that it is anything to cheer for; Brood War is still the best game. He tells us that he will of course check it out, but he thinks it looks very messy and is not that enthusiastic about it. Same goes for Poland xLo.Fosken who says he will not start playing the follow-up, not even to try it.
- I think I would need to change computer first, but I won't. Even if StarCraft 1 will die I won't play StarCraft II. I have spent something like 5-6 years on StaCraft 1, I won't do same for StarCraft II.

The Koreans will survive

Sweden NaW-ZpuX points out that even though we now know about this new game, there is no way you'll actually know if you like it before you try it, so he thinks a lot of people will. Also he thinks that if StarCraft II is chosen for the big tournaments the community outside Korea will begin to fade. Like many others he thinks he will move over to the new game. So does United States ToT)iNcontroL who tells us that Brood War will not die, but that of course he will have to try it.
- I don't have a choice, I am an addict! I will of course be one of the first!

Despite that, he is sure that the leagues and scene for Brood War will not close down because of this, as too many people love the game for it to just die. And besides, it is too big in Korea.
- Keep in mind, players in the Korean pro leagues are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, that kind of industry does not just go away over night.

When oh, when

Also StarCraft II is said not to be finished yet and not that many people are convinced it will come very soon. No date for any type of release has been announced yet, but we talked a little about the rumours of the beta release as soon as next winter. The reaction to that one was the same all over: they do not believe it. Legionnaire's comment was "Which winter? Northern hemisphere?" and Norway Eriador's point of view about Blizzard when it comes to dates and releases was this:
- Well, the winter in Norway pretty much lasts until April, not a bad word against Blizzard for releasing stuff later than they say they will though, I think it's much better to wait for a great product than release a mediocre one.
Finland MgZ)detO agrees, but he is actually hoping for it to be late.
- I just hope it will take like 2 years before it comes out though, so BW can die before and my army would be over, I don't want to go to army right when it's out.

3D versus 2D

The biggest question seems to be whether the graphics will make the game slow, Eriador tells us he is sceptical that it will be as fast as Brood War.
- I hope the pace will be faster than in WarCraft 3. Pace is not going to be as fast as Brood War though, I just can't picture that in a 3D game.
On the other hand, says Poland ToT)ParanOid(, it is nice to be able to see things in the direction you want.
- It's nice sometimes to look at the game with another perspective, so it'll be really good, if you can set your perspective to exactly what you like.

Another Race?

About the races most people agreed, three is enough. According to NaW-ZpuX it would be too hard to balance four races.
- They learned from war3 that 4 races is a lot harder to balance than just 3. It will take a couple of years before it's balanced. And many agree with him. ToT)ParanOid( is one of them. He hopes it won't be another race as it makes your choice of race easier.
- That way you can still play the race you've picked in BW. It won't be any problems with 'Omg there’s new race I should play it for real looks so nice!'