DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3 trailer

Netflix releases DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3 trailer

General Andreea “divushka” Esanu

DOTA: Dragon's Blood third season got its first official trailer released a month before the show’s air date, August 11.

Book 3 trailer gives the first look at where the plot for this season is heading. The show protagonists Davion - the Dragon Knight along with Invoker and their allies seem to finally have the encounter the fans have waited for. With Mirana’s full power awakened at the end of the previous season and with the dragon souls consumed by Davion, Terrorblade might find his ending this season and with it, a new cycle of life can begin.

“It’s a new world out there,” Mirana says in the trailer, which might be another hint that Terrorblade will finally be defeated in Bok 3.


DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3 will premiere on August 11, which is an extremely fast turnaround from the show’s animation studio, Studio Mir, which was ready for Book 2 release in January this year. Much like the previous two seasons, Book 3 will be released all at once, with eight episodes of around 25 minutes each.

In perfect coordination with Netflix’s teaser release, the game received on the same day an update that added a new custom game mode.

Holdout: Dark Moon is a five-man custom mode where the players have a limited hero pool to select from in order to work together to protect Selemene’s temple through 15 rounds and countless waves of mobs before they will be faced off against the final boss. The event can be played only through this weekend from July 14 to the 18th of the month.


Do you think Terrorblade will be defeated in DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3?

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  • "djlu09" ,
    So the game is adapting to the show but the show is still selfish as f***. I mean seriously, can a show that doesn't have the actual Defense of The Ancients war be called Dota? No! Because that is the whole point, The Goddamn Defense of The Ancients.


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