The Road to Kuala Lumpur: Rog Masters 2016

General Isaac “RedCrayon” Celis

The first ever Rog Masters tournament hosted by ASUS' Republic of Gamers features teams competing from all over Asia and Oceania in both DOTA2 and CS:GO.

The maiden launch of Rog Masters 2016 will feature hundreds of teams from across Asia and Oceania, vying for a chance at the $200,000 USD prize pool, with $150,000 for the DOTA2 pool and $50,000 for CS:GO.

The tournament, set to run from August to November, focuses on five regions for both CS:GO and DOTA2:

ROA (Rest of Asia) which includes India and Sri Lanka
CN (China)
SEA (Southeast Asia) which includes Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore
EA (East Asia) which includes Japan, Korea, Taiwan
OCE (Oceania) which includes Australia and New Zealand

A full list of countries from each region can be found on the site.

Tournament Format

The tournament begins with a group stage, with teams assigned to a random group within their region. Each group will then play a Round Robin BO1, with the top two teams of each group advancing to a single elimination grid. Competition will be fierce in the single elimination grid, especially for EA and SEA, which will also feature a number of teams who have qualified from other ROG sponsored tournaments.

The top two of each region after the grid will advance to the LAN finals, set to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of ten teams for CS:GO and DOTA2 will reach the LAN qualifiers in Malaysia through the open qualifiers, with the addition of two professional teams invited for each game to spice up the action, making for a total of 12 teams for each game. The LAN finals are set to be held on November 12th and 13th. 

Registration is open to everyone until September 4th, with the start dates of each regions' qualifiers differing slightly: 

ROA: 02.10.2016
EA: 11.09.2016
OCE: 04.09.2016
CN: 25.09.2016
SEA: 19.09.2016

Each team will be assigned a specific start date for their qualifier sometime from September to October. 

A full listing of information including rules, format, and registration can found on the main site here. Key matches will also be broadcast live, and can be watched on the main site as well under the watch tab so tune in to see some rising stars in both CS:GO and DOTA2. 

Source: dota.rog-masters.com
Image Source: ROG Masters Facebook


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    so? ASUS separate Taiwan from China?
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      Through all these years living outside of China, you gotta learn the truth, which is, Taiwan is not part of China, maybe centuries ago it was, maybe decades later after the Mainland winning another civil war. But for the moment, they are two countries of same race


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