Postponed military service for WCG

General Andreas “Karman” Karman

A 20-years old man from Singapore was granted a deferment from his military service so he can play in the World Cyber Games. He got his military service postponed for 2 months a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Asian countries are very aware of the fact that gaming is a door to publicity these days. In Singapore the military service lasts two years and it is compulsory but Stanley Aw, a 20-years old Counter-Strike player, was allowed to postpone his military service by two months so he could play in the World Cyber Games. This is the first time in Singaporean history that this has happens.

"In line with the Government's support for sports, culture and the arts, the Ministry of Defense will consider granting one-time deferments for pre-enlistees who are selected to represent Singapore at prestigious international sports and cultural events," the Straits Times quoted a spokesman saying.

Right now, Singapore is trying to raise the interest for its computer games industry and are hosting a lot of gaming activities this year.

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