UPDATE - Virtus.pro threaten to boycott most 2015 events

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Virtus.pro has released an official statement in regards to the blogpost by Sneg and the released translation on reddit. In this statement, the CEO clarifies that the translation of his blogpost on reddit did not convey his actual message properly and that the updates to VP's Facebook post were also not entirely correct, as ESEA and Copenhagen did in fact "[...] paid out the winnings directly to the manager of the organization. It is good that the hired manager is an honest person, but legally they pay out the money to a personal account without any contract, without any notice to VP owners. There were many situations when managers stole money from the players, so how can I prove that the winnings were really paid out to VP? In this situation with those tournaments the players got all their money, we participate in those tournaments year by year and I never wrote that they did not pay. I am considering the official ESEA reply to my blog to be a misunderstanding, and we already discussed it privately. "

The entire statement can be found here, with the English translation provided at the end of the article.

One of the leading eSports organizations, Virtus.pro, have posted a statement with which they threaten to boycott most of the events in the coming year.

The Virtus.pro CEO, Anton 'sneg' Cherepennikov states in an official blogpost "[...] that tournaments owe organizers huge amounts of money. Particularly, I am talking about six digit numbers in USD. I'm done with investing in trips to tournaments organized by scammers. In 2015 all rosters of Virtus.pro will ignore leagues or tournaments that owe us money until these debts are payed out. " Sneg does however point out that his team will not pull out of ongoing tournaments as it would be "[...] disrespectful towards the audience that bought tickets or just waits for our performance on streams." (Translation found on Reddit)

Sneg also reacts to a recent debate sparked by Ukrainian caster Vitali 'v1lat' Volochai, who voiced his opinion about in-game tickets on twitter, saying that most people focused solely on cosmetic items. Sneg response reads: "[...] Virtus.Pro will probably not participate in any CIS league because their organizers are the biggest debtors and scammers. V1lat is not paying anything for a few month already and simultaneously has the insolence to cry in Twitter that people stopped buying his tickets." He apologizes later on after having talked to v1lat personally.

Sneg mentions a very interesting thing as well, something he already pointed out in a previous blogpost, a translation of which can be found here. According to him, Virtus.pro is "[...] going to ignore all tournaments that won't sign contracts with teams. The contract that I'm referring to should include all participation details, payment schedule and fines for breaking the contract." This is something that is not practiced by most organizers just yet, but may be a common thing to look out for.

The blogpost has been updated at this point and it lists actual tournaments that still owe Virtus.pro money. These organizations are StarLadder, ESEA, Excellent Moscow Cup, Techlabs, Copenhagen Games and i-League.

Source: Virtus.pro on Facebook

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