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Twitch acquires GoodGame

The popular broadcasting platform Twitch.tv has announced today that it has acquired GoodGame. The agency under the leadership of Alex Garfield is most prominently known for the two eSports organizations Evil Geniuses and Alliance.

Leading broadcasting platform Twitch.tv has announced the acquisition of GoodGame. According to Alex Garfield, the acquisition "doesn't really change our business at all". He sees this move as a step to "keep growing our industry without breaking it. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s necessary for us to all work together." 

I’d like to think that GoodGame could play a role in helping get everyone on the same page. We understand things from the team’s perspective; the player’s perspective; the tournament’s perspective. - A. Garfield


What impact these actions have has yet to be seen. It is unlikely that it will change anything major in regards to the eSports teams, especially considering that all of EG and Alliance have already been partnered to Twitch before this acquisition, meaning all of their players were and are active streamers on the broadcasting platform.

This is the second big step for Twitch in the span of barely half a year after the company was bought out by Amazon for $970 Million in August. 

Source: Twitch.tv, GoodGame.gg

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