Flash e-Sports shuts down after 3 years

General Raphael “Phase” Yee

Once the home of eSports personalities LysanderXonora, Meracle and Revenant, Flash e-Sports shuts down after three hard years.

Although relatively under-the-radar internationally, Singaporean brand Flash e-Sports is a name most local players would have heard of at least once or twice. The organization, founded by ex-MYM editor Terrence Ting, first started out as GameWorksSG and also held various tournaments in Singapore, being the first to hold their own eponymous Dota 2 league which ran for two seasons.
Citing lack in performance and personal issues, founder Terrence Ting shuts down Flash e-Sports after three hard years.

Most notable for producing local talents Wen Jun 'Hibidi' Chang and Marcus 'Revenant' Tan (Fifa and Starcraft 2 respectively), Flash was also once the home of Dota 2 carry-sensation Alvin 'Meracle' Kang. Not known to many, it was also during the Flash Dota 2 League's casting competition where BeyondTheSummit caster, LysanderXonora, first made his name known.

Meracle (pictured above, then playing under the handle 'Lyralei') played for Flash during their first foray into Dota 2 with their original squad. Soon after, however, he left Flash and debuted with then-team First Departure at their first LAN appearance during Flash Dota 2 League Season 1. Meracle currently plays for Scythe.SG.

That was not the end of the road for Flash however, as they managed to pick up another team built around long-time players WarNutz and Bouncy, hoping to take the SEA scene by storm but eventually fell on a record of 3/11 competitive matches and disbanded.

As if that was not enough, Revenant, one of SEA's best Starcraft 2 players, decided to leave the team late 2013 and has since moved on to Australian Team Exile5, leaving Thomas 'Blysk' Kopankiewicz and Bryan 'Drake' Sum behind.

Today marks the end of Flash's three-year stint with founder Ting citing,

"This put paid to the idea of releasing the team indefinitely. Our one-year running contract with Cooler Master (CM Storm) was almost up and we were struggling to fulfil both our contractual & playing obligations, and a possibility I had never considered until then started becoming clearer in my mind: the team had to be shut down."


The full article on the organization's disbandment posted by Ting can be read here.

Images courtesy of Flash e-Sports, RobotsGoneBad.