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BeyondTheSummit has released the group and the schedule for the Eastern qualifier of The International 3. The qualifier will begin on the 20th of May with a short break between to make time for G-1 League offline finals.

As promised on their Twitter, BeyondTheSummit has released the groups and the schedule of The International 3 Eastern qualifier. The qualifier is set to go live on the 20th of May with a short break from the 24th to the 26th for G-1 League offline finals.

The tournament format will be similar to the Western qualifier which will be starting later today.


Format of TI3 qualifiers

The format differs from last year's as this time, the GSL system will be used.
The eight teams in each qualifier will be separated into two groups, in which they will be playing a double elimination groupstage completely separated from the other group. The top two placers of the groups will move into the playoffs. All the games in the groupstage will be played in a best-of-three.

The playoffs will adopt a common best-of-three double elimination format with a best-of-five playoffs. There will be no advantage for the finalist qualifying to the grand final via the winner bracket. The winner of the qualifier will be invited to The International 3 and the second placer may stand a chance to take the wildcard spot a day before the annual event.


Group A

Game two



The heavy favourite going into the Eastern qualifier is clearly whose direct invitation to The International 3 was revoked due to a roster change on the 7th of May. is placed in Group A alongside Neolution.Int, First Departure and Rattlesnake.

According to David 'GoDz' Parker, co-founder of BeyondTheSummit, their crew will be showcasing their shiny studio on the first day of the qualifier. Besides that, TobiWan will also be doing a live broadcast of all the games in the Eastern qualifier.

The games will also be available on DotaTV with no charge. The Western qualifier of The International 3 is set to go live at 15:00 CEST today.

It's the holy grail of The International 3 coverage!

Source: BeyondTheSummit Facebook
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