Bisu, Rain lead SKT to victory

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev


After a clutch victory over STX Soul last week, Boxer's SKT was much more dominant this day around and by the power of its Protoss line-up it came ahead 4-1 against Samsung KHAN.

It is no secret that after several largely successful rounds, SKT suffered a struggling time in round four, making them surrender their top two position to KT Rolster. A 2-4 R5 opening loss to Team 8 did not make it all brighter and the danger of SKT falling down to the bottom half was coming closer to reality.

On May 7th, after a seven-game series against STX Soul, SKT showed signs of stabilization but it was today that they really displayed the top form which fans are used to seeing.

Seeing Bisu released as the opener got more than a few people excited, despite Revolutionist's lackluster results, and the legendary Protoss did not disappoint. A turtley opening into mass void ray/colossus trampled Roro like nothing and Bisu was ready to accept his next opponent.

This opponent was Shine and the two played inarguably the most hectic game of the series. After a zergling doom drop into Bisu's main landed successfully, a thrilling base race ensued, eventually bringing Bisu down to a few pylons and Shine to two hatcheries and a menacing flock of mutas. Guarding said pylons, Bisu used calculated zealot raids to bring Shine down to one extractor and survive at the same time.

Bisu was eventually forced to change position and spend his last minerals on a nexus in the middle of the map. Leaving whatever anti air he had to guard his sole structure, Bisu sent three of his colossus on a suicide mission to bring down said extractor. Shine immediately chased with his mutalisks but the colossus DPS output was enough to out-race them - SKT were now 2-0 in the lead.

Although Bisu ended up losing to Jangbi's immortals, the advantage he had secured for SKT was just enough for Rain to come and clean up. In a battle between OSL champions, Rain put his team back into a two-game lead and followed up with great storms that fried Reality for the 4-1.

SK Telecom T1 4:1 Samsung KHAN
Korea BisuWhirlwindKorea RoroVOD
Korea BisuBel'Shir VestigeKorea ShineVOD
Korea BisuPlanet SKorea JangbiVOD
Korea RainAkilon WastesKorea JangbiVOD
Korea RainFloating IslandKorea RealityVOD

In the second series of the day, KT Rolster joined SK Telecom in the victorious corner after defeating STX Soul with the same score. STX, who were enjoying quite the rise during round four and went as high as #2 in the overall rankings, led in with Dear and Trap only to see them both fall to Zest. Not until Hyvaa's 3-base roach/hydra did STX find a room to breathe but the tempo was already in KT's possessions.

The Ultimate Weapon came out second for KT and in the two games he played, Flash was merciless. Countless medivac drops broke each bone in Shine's body and the Zerg had to step down and let Innovation take over.

Unfortunately for all STX supporters, Innovation too couldn't resist Flash's aggression. Flash used a marine drop combined with a hellion follow-up to zap out 40 of Innovation's SCVs and get a 20 worker advantage, a lead he later snowballed into victory, giving KT Rolster the 4-1 and keeping them ahead of SKT in the rankings.

KT Rolster 4:1 STX Soul
Korea ZestAkilon WastesKorea DearVOD
Korea ZestNaro StationKorea TrapVOD
Korea ZestFighting SpiritKorea HyvaaVOD
Korea FlashFloating IslandKorea HyvaaVOD
Korea FlashBel'Shir VestigeKorea InnovationVOD