Drunkenboi, Goswser, Advance from Group B

General Andrei “procyonlotor” Filote

Group B of Shoutcraft America took place last night, pitting four American ladder warriors against each other in a GSL Dual Tournament format.



It's too early to cast judgement on the new Shoutcraft America, but the experiment seems to be working as intended. Today's group racked up as many as 18,000 concurrent viewers on the main stream, an encouraging figure to be sure. Group C with MaSa, Kane, Suppy and Hellokitty will take place later today (Sunday May 12th).

Goswser vs Hendralisk
Gowser Bel'Shir VestigeHendralisk
GoswserStar StationHendralisk
Drunkenboi vs Neeb
DrunkenboiBel'Shir VestigeNeeb
DrunkenboiAkilon WastesNeeb
Goswser vs Drunkenboi
GoswserAkilon WastesDrunkenboi
GoswserBel'Shir VestigeDrunkenboi
Hendralisk vs Neeb
HendraliskBel'Shir VestigeNeeb
HendraliskNeo Planet SNeeb
HendraliskStar StationNeeb
Goswser vs Neeb
GoswserBel'Shir VestigeNeeb
GoswserNeo Planet SNeeb

Goswser and Drunkenboi will be joining Minigun and LeiYa in the next phase of the tournament. Shoutcraft America is an online tournament bringing together the top 16 players of the North American grandmaster ladder in a GSL Dual Tournament format for the chance to win $10,000 in prizes.

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VODs: Part 1. Part 2.