WCS NA: Polt, Revival advance

General Kyle “Tossinator” Dunn

With the final dayof the round of 32 approaching, the final spots in the round of 16 are up for grabs, and with a group that contained Revival, Idra, Goswser,  it is up in the air who will advance on to the round of 16.


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Idra shows how to leave a game early

The first series of the day was between Idra and Polt. Game one was even through most of the game showing some impressive macro multitasking from both players, however Idra ended up leaving game one, even though his army was maxed and he had a large bank so he could re-max, giving Polt game one. Game two Idra went for a roach/baneling all in. However Polt was more then read for it, he was able to snipe nearly all of Idra's banelings before he was able to get to Polt's wall, allowing Polt to take game two and the series 2:0.

Goswser with innovative ZvZ

The second series of the night was between Revival and Goswser, which was to see who would go on to face Polt in the winners match. Game one Goswser went for an interesting build where he performed an interesting baneling all in that was able to break through Revive's forces and take game one. Game two both players went into the mid game with a large amount of mutalisks. However Revival was able to catch Goswser's mutalisks on the other side of the map, and forced Goswser into a base race, which Revival was able to win and take game two. Game three Goswser showed some fantastic mind games by tricking Revival into thinking he was playing standard while in reality he was nydus worming Revival's main, and was able to catch him completely by surprise, allowing Goswser to take the series 2:1.

Polt and his amazing multitasking

The winners match was played between Polt and Goswser, the match would see who would advance on to the round of 16, and who would get knocked down and have to face the winner of Idra vs Revival. Game one Polt was able to hold off Goswser's baneling/roach all in, and proceeded to tear Goswser's economy apart with multi prong attacks and drop play, allowing him to take a decisive win in game one. Game two saw a similer game play out with Polt taking Goswser apart with muti prong aggression and just forcing Goswser to have a inferior economy. Which allowed Polt to take the series 2:0.

The EG team kill

The losers match was played between EG teammates Idra and Revival, the winner would go on to face Goswser for a chance to advance on to the round of 16. Game one Revival and Idra played nearly the same until the mid game, in which Revival was able to get a slight drone lead, which lead to him having a larger mutalisk/zergling ball than Idra. When they engaged Revival's army simply destroyed Idra's mutalisk numbers. Game two played out very similer except that Revival got armor and attack upgrades for his zerglings, when Idra engaged Revival his army was destroyed due to the fact that Revivals zerglings decimated Idra's, Giving Revival the series 2:0.

EG has another Zerg advance

The final series of the night was a rematch between Revival and Goswser. Game one Goswser was forced by Revival to stay on two base and even though he was able to hit an impressive roach aggression and snipe Revival's third, Revival had a hidden expansion that went unscouted by Goswser and allowed Revival to create a much larger army and take game one. Game two Revival went for an impressive burrowed roach timing that decimated Goswser because he did not have a lair. This allowed Revival to take the game and with it the series 2:0 and advance on to the round of 16.