Fear: 'No reason to be upset over Valve's choice'

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 02 May 2013 19:35

Evil Geniuses had some rough days, being eliminated in the G-1 League Qualifiers and not receiving a direct invite to The International 3, the team is thus hoping to qualify.

We caught up with EG's captain Clinton 'Fear' Loomis who has recently switched to the support role and have talked to him about the invitations, the importance of his team's roles and how the Western scene will fare against Asian teams.


Hello Clinton, sorry about your team not being invited to The International 3. Do you think that EG deserved an invite?

I don't think there is anyone more deserving to be at TI3 than Jeyo and myself, but I do believe Valve selected the best teams in the world to represent The International 3.

I hope for the west's sake that that won't happen. In any case, assuming that EG do get the invitation to TI3 qualifiers, which opponents do you think will be the serious threats against your team for the 14th spot?

All of them. There have been a lot of roster changes in nearly all of the teams that are expected to be competing, so it's going to be very hard to read the teams without having any sort of background on them. However, teams like RoX.KiS have also been showing very impressive results lately, and of course teams like Mouz can always pull a win from even the best teams in the world, if they are playing their A-game.

I honestly think that the performances of most Western teams are quite unstable in general (winning big and losing against tier-two teams). What do you think about that?

Fairly accurate. I think most western teams try to rely on individual play rather than teamwork and calculated play. The problem with this play-style is that it has a much higher chance to fail. High risk, high reward defines it quite nicely. However, I've seen Chinese teams such as Rattlesnake adopt this style too. It's just extremely hard to master.