Alex apparently kicked from mouz

General Christoph “malnor” Helbig
Apparently Alex has been removed from mousesports' Dota 2 team. He announced it on his own social profiles, mouz is still to confirm the act.

Two short sentences mark the end of Alex from team mousesports. On twitter, Alexander Reinhardt has stated a simple "looks like I am out of mousesports", leaving a date and reason open for speculations.

Later on his facebook page, Alex has confirmed the removal from team mousesports and added in German that he was kicked from the team. According to Alex, internal conflicts after the loss in the G-1 League tournament against dignitas where the main reason. A formal confirmation from mouz officials has not yet been made, but the fact has been informally confirmed by one of Alex's former teammates.

mousesports is expected to be announced on Thursday as one of the teams participating in the Western qualifier for The International, which will begin May 13. Alex came to mousesports after The International 2012, when ComeWithMe and 1437 left. The teams' biggest success together with Alex was the third place at EMSOne finals in Katowice this April.

Statement by FATA- on

"Past days there were some internal problems in our team. Immense arguments between the players eventually led to two parties not being able to play with each other anymore. Reasons were differences in the commitment for Dota, moral low phase due to mediocre results and standard chickenshit. That way it makes no sense playing at all, which is why I came to the decision one side has to go.
It is really sad it had to come this far, but there was no other way. Alex- is a nice guy and an unbelievable master of the "Venomancer Gale". I hope the brother isn't too depressed and can understand my decision."

Remaining roster mousesports:
Germany Adrian "FATA-" Trinks
Germany Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier
Germany Pascal "paS" Lohmeier
Germany Max "qojqva" Broecker
Other TBA

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