Kaipi and EE on Pubwatch 26

General Eyal “KOKOStern” Stern


Kaipi has been doing pretty well lately taking the JD Open, and starting up the qualifiers in the G-1 League and so we've decided to check them out.

The recent addition of Eternal Envy was enough to pique our interest and so Pubwatch decided to tag along with pieliedie and the guys on a couple of short games. Though Kaipi did get knocked out of the G-1 League Qualifier (after the show) we still believe in the team and wish them all the best in the future.

In our shortest episode yet, EE plays carrys, pieliedie steals kills with Zeus and Bone7 steals even more kills with wonderful hookshots. In addition we discuss the viability of Drow and Skywrath, and recap all past episodes at the end:

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