iG wipe out NaJin Sword to make the StarsWar grand finals

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

After victoriously opening the first two games and receiving a forfeit win in the third, Invictus Gaming bounce back and advance to the StarsWar grand final. Rematch against World Elite is incoming.

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Game 1


True to their well organised and calculated aggression, NaJin Sword were the ones to take the early lead in the match-up, climbing to five kills to two mostly thanks to their bot lane. Theirs was also the first tower of the game and the gold bank between the teams - previously much equal - swung into Sword's favor.

Though dominant in the early stages, Sword's composition was not without flaws and one such flaw was Maknoon's Kennen. Every encounter on the top lane went bad for Sword's leader and iG now knew to pressure where it hurt the most. Kennen kept scoring a death after death, Sword's towers kept falling and the Chinese slowly crept back into the game.

One such death of Maknoon's (followed by one of Pray) welcomed iG to a free Baron and the Chinese gladly accepted the offer. Knowing they can't be stopped 3v5, iG took the precious objective and regrouped for a final push that gutted Najin Sword. 1-0 for the Chinese.

Pray's death opens a free Baron for Invictus Gaming

Game 2


Nowhere near the tension of the previous game, set two told the oldest story in MOBA's books, the one about snowballing carries. Just a few minutes into the game, Kid took first blood against Kha'Zix and pinned a second one shortly after that as Nasus came to hold the tower. His third kill did not lag too much behind and iG's Varus was becoming e legitimate threat.

In the meanwhile, Pdd's Diana also didn't slack behind and as did her best to keep equal with Kid's Varus. With both their AD and AP fed to the point of one-shotting whoever they desire, iG comfortably picked up fights whenever they could. Although Najin Sword had some success during those and returned a kill or two, the avalanche was already in motion.

iG kill two Sword players and inhibitors during a towerdive, remaining more or less unbruised

Unfortunately, this is where the series ended. Multiple pauses, delays and disconnects forced NaJin Sword to forfeit their third game, giving a 3-0 win to iG.

Consequently, StarsWar Season 2 will end with an all-Chinese match. iG were the only team to defeat WE in the group stage only to fall in the winners bracket final 3-1. With revenge on the table as well as the rich history between the two teams, SWL is walking towards its epic conclusion on April 23rd.