Invasion-MUFC completed with dabeliuteef and Sharky. Wangwang left out.

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor

MUFC has picked up dabeliuteef and ex-MUFC member, Sharky to complete a six-men roster. The casualty of the announcement will be Wangwang who has been scrimming with the team since the formation of ABC in early February

Just moments ago, MUFC announced on their Facebook that they have completed their roster as they officially welcome Jun Liong 'dabeliuteef' Loh and former MUFC member, Raymond 'Sharky' Wong as their sixth man.

Statement by MUFC for Sharky

Former MUFC's captain, Raymond "Sharky" Wong has agreed to return to Invasion.MUFC Dota 2 and make MUFC Dota 2 a 6 man roster.

Sharky will rejoin Invasion.MUFC Dota 2 after his departure from the team in early January this year. An internal meeting has been conducted and resulted that Sharky will be our 6th player starting from today.
The shark stated that he is still determined to play under our brand and the management team is pretty sure that the addition of Sharky will be able to boost our performance.

He is keen to start his first training and wants to participate in tournament with his new teammates as soon as possible and we are really glad that we managed to bring Sharky back under our wings!

Statement by MUFC for dabeliuteef

We are glad to welcome Hontrashplayer as a part of our team, and we are looking forward to our future.

Hontrashplayer has shown his desire to join MUFC Dota 2 after playing as a stand-in for the team's official matches in February and March. Previously he was a professional DotA 1 player, played for professional teams like INC.Excello in the old days and also been a part of Frenetic Array, TTeSPORTS and Orange eSports during his HoN days.

Our organization have been clear about our intention to have Hontrashplayer to play under our tag and we appreciate his desire to be a part of us and accepted an offer from us. His addition to the team is essential and he will definitely be a key of the team.

The casualty in this annoucement is Yean Xiong 'wangwang' Wang who has been playing with MUFC's roster since early February. wangwang officially left Orange's Heroes of Newerth team to play Dota 2 late last month. Wangwang has assisted MUFC to secure the sponsorship from Armaggeddon after the team placed first in their offline finals.

Sharky departed from the late-MUFC team earlier this year due to personal reason. This will be his grand return to the competitive scene after a three months hiatus.

On the other hand, dabeliuteef has been playing with ABC, MUFC's test team after his former Orange HoN team won a $100,000 championship in Malaysia.

MUFC team roster:

Malaysia Litt-Binn 'Winter' Chan
Malaysia Woi Cheong 'ling' Sim
Malaysia Daniel 'TFG' Wong
Malaysia Cheng Hor 'FzFz' Siew
Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong
Malaysia Jun Liong 'dabeliuteef' Loh

Source: MUFC Facebook
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