GIANTS with a second upset against Gambit Gaming

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 30 March 2013 16:35

LCS EU Week 7 becomes with a fair deal of excitement and a classic David vs Goliath face-off.

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At the start of the seventh week of LCS EU competition, Gambit met GIANTS! for the third time and a lot was on the line.

The Spaniards came into the match as a team on the bottom of the rankings, a result of their consecutive downswings in the past few weeks. To swim away from these waters of potential LCS elimination, they strongly needed a victory against the Russian armada.

At the same time, Gambit just lost their leadership position to Fnatic after last week's games and were eager to get it back. Furthermore, Alex_Ich and co surely hadn't forgotten the bitter loss they suffered at the hands of GIANTS in week one and although the favor was returned some weeks later, they surely didn't want to give the Spaniards any further advantage.

Gambit quickly took control of the early and mid game: they were in possession tower and gold advantage as well as one very unkillable Renekton and although Giants pulled off plays here and there, the Russians were increasing their lead by the minute.

It all changed during a miscoordinated fight at the Baron pit. With Renekton diving a bit too deep and Ashe far away from the crime scene, Gambit found themselves split up and diligently slaughtered. Giants immediately seized this initiative and took down two inhibitors. It took them a few more pushes to get the job done but in the end it did not matter - Gambit saw their nexus fall.