3DMAX Dota 2 squad disbands

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor
Hyac has confirmed with Gosugamers that his team, 3DMAX has allegedly disbanded over the weekend.

Danish team, 3DMAX, formerly known as Gamer University has decided to call it quits over the weekends.

3DMAX (then known as Gamer University) received recognition from the community post-winning the first place in StarLadder Pro Series Season 3 last year. After being promoted to Star Series, the team struggled to find their rhythm and did not accomplish anything much since.

Statement by Denmark Per 'Hyac' Simmendefeldt Schmidt

With the departure of Ace due to real life commitments a couple of weeks ago and Buller quitting during the Easter holiday with similar reasons, we have decided to disband 3DMAX. It wasn’t possible to find suitable replacements and on top of that we feel that we’ve given Dota our best shot and it might be time to move on in life.

We’re very happy with the level we reached and hopefully we’ve provided some entertaining matches to the viewers.

I would like to thank 3DMAX for helping us in various ways throughout the sponsorship. Also I would like to thank JoinDOTA|Hjort for stepping in as a manager for us during the last month, trying to sort the team out.
Especially I would like to thank 4 awesome teammates whom I’ve had a lot of fun with over several months now, and of course everyone who has been supporting us

3DMAX did perform decently in the groupstage of The Defense 3 with a record of 5-2. Their playoffs run in the four months long tournament was cut short by Virtus.Pro in the Winner Bracket and Team Liquid in the Loser Bracket.

3DMAX placed 11th in StarLadder Star Series Season 5 and was eliminated from the first groupstage of WePlay Dota 2 Tournament on the 24th of March.

3DMAX former roster:

Denmark Mikki 'HeStEJoE-RoTTeN' Mørch Junget
Denmark Per 'Hyac' Simmendefeldt Schmidt
Denmark Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard
Denmark Balder 'Buller' Jensen
Denmark Danny 'NoiA' Mørch Junget
Eric “reinnnn” Khor
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