LD: 'My life has changed completely in the past year'

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David 'LD' Gorman gave an interview to Rapture Gaming Network where he talks about his run as a DotaCommentaries caster, the differences between replay casting and live commentary, and his plans for the future. They discuss his break into the commentating scene and his passion for the BTS studio.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

You began your career as a caster with Luminous and was seen working with DOTA Commentary but now you have moved onto BTS. What is the reason behind this move since you and Lumi both had good chemistry and were able to cast The International together including the Grand Finals?

When Lumi founded DOTA Commentaries 3-4 years ago, it was intended as a home for DOTA fans and aspiring commentators. The site was built back in the days before live-streaming was common and the focus was always on casting replays. DC.com's purpose was to give new casters a space where they could hone their craft and connect with a new audience but the scene has evolved a lot since DC.com was founded. Nowadays, it's all about live content with high production quality. The audience and interest for replay commentaries simply isn't there anymore.

After TI2, I realized that I might actually be able to work on DOTA full-time for the next few years and since then, everything I've done has focused on that singular goal. DC.com as a site was just never going to provide that opportunity, simply because the site's concept itself (replay commentaries) has a niche audience that is dwindling, not growing.

I still love Lumi (and the rest of DC.com) and enjoy working with him and I imagine he feels likewise (hence why we are now working together at BTS). DC.com has mostly grown inactive aside from BBallin and Tuski_Atre. I'll always have a special place for it in my heart since it's where I got my start and if Lumi, BBallin, Atre, or anyone else tries to resurrect it, I'll do whatever I can to help out! For now, my focus is on the future and my future is with BTS.


Which organisation do you feel has the most impact on your career as a caster, BTS or DOTA Commentary and why?

Damn, that's a tough one! DC.com gave me my start and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all my friends there (especially Luminous). However, at DC.com, I was only a member commentator. BTS is basically my baby; I live and breathe this company. It's everything to me and I probably haven't spent more than an hour a day where I'm not constantly thinking about it since I moved here. I hate to choose just one but if I had to, I'd have to say BTS!

What difference do you find while working with Godz as compared to Luminous? Which environment do you prefer working in, DC or BTS and why?

LD: Man, all these hard-hitters. You're trying to knock me out! Lumi is just a really fun, relaxing person to work with. He can be kind of crazy and intense when he casts but when we're working together outside of casts, he's very low key and messes around a lot.

Godz is very chill when he's casting and when socializing / hanging out outside of casting. I imagine he'd be the same, working behind the scenes on BTS but there's just one problem - he's working with me! I tend to be really stubborn and intense when I feel strongly about something and when it comes to BTS, I feel strongly about pretty much everything. It's a give and take; sometimes my intense opinions will shake up how he looks at things and sometimes his more laid-back attitude will cool me down and make me rethink my views. Basically, we both push each other a fair amount of the time but ultimately we always trust each other's judgement and will come up with a solution that feels right to both of us.

You can't really compare them. DC.com was a casting organization that I worked closely with as a hobby. BTS is a full-time business that I'm a stakeholder and work on day in and day out! I prefer BTS just because this environment is one where I get to focus on what I love every minute of every day.

Read the full interview here.
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