CM Storm Dota 2 tournament with €2,500 up for grabs

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor
KGB LAN cafe will be playing host to the CM Storm Dota 2 tournament on the 20th of April with €2000 worth of gaming gears and €500 in cash up for grabs. Registration is open for 32 teams in a first come first serve basis.

KGB in conjunction with Cooler Master will be hosting the CM Storm Dota 2 tournament in their LAN cafe at Belgrade, Serbia on the 20th of April. The tournament will be a two days affair.

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The registration for CM Storm Dota 2 tournament is open to 32 teams. Interested teams may register for the tournament here. The buy-in for the tournament is € 45 per team.

The prizes for the tournament come up to a whooping €2,500 in cash and gaming products.

Prizes for KGB Dota 2 tournament

1st prize: 5x Trigger keyboard + 5x Ceres400 headphone + € 350
2nd prize: 5x Quick Fire TK keyboard + 5x Recon mouse + € 150
3rd prize: 5x Sonuz headphone + 5x Power RX mousepad + € 50

For more information on the tournament, do not hesitate to drop off an e-mail to [email protected].

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