TLS goes into the finals

General Good “Esc4toN” Bye

After six qualifier rounds and a two month long playoffs, TLS is coming close to the final games, with the prize pool of $500.

In the round of four, we had three Zergs and one Terran fighting their way to the finals.

Player vs Player
Hungary Skzlime 0:3 United States Michael
Hungary Sziky 3:1 Spain eOnzErG
In the final games we will be having two invited, and one of the best foreign players at the moment, Sziky and Michael. Third place will be decided in a match between Skzlime and eOnzErG. The prize money, being total of $500 is distributed to the top three players. 1st place - $300 2nd place - $150 3rd place - $50 The grand final games will be starting on the 30th March, at 21CET. Be sure to place your bets on your favorites in our GosuBet section. Games will be streamed on the official Teamliquid stream by Sayle and EleGanT.

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