MrGhost & Shuiyu: "We want to win the GSL"

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The next week will be a spectacle for the SEA Heroes of Newerth scene with the Garena Star League 2013 opening it's doors in Bangkok, Thailand. GosuGamers had the chance to sit down with MrGhost and Shuiyu from Orange eSports discussing their SBHL performance, the GSL tournament, Sand Wraith and the departure of one of their players.

orangebanner1.jpgHey MrGhost & Shuiyu, thanks for taking the time for this interview. First things first we need to talk about the SBHL you guys played in. You played very well against Afraid and Stay Green, delivering two of the more memorable matches of the tournament. In retrospect what are your general thoughts about the matches and the opponents?

MrGhost: I feel rather satisfied with the results as we have gone through quite a big change in roster and are still adapting to the new play style of the team. Both teams played very well and I would like to commend them for the different drafting techniques used as it is very different from the teams in Garena's pick/play game play.

Heading into the series against sG did you expected to make it this close, challenge the "mighty" Stay Green this much, even with a hefty ping disadvantage?

Shuiyu: We will see them in GSL 2013! Hahaha! To be honest, we were pretty confident and are pretty sure that we could have given a more positive result if the ping wasn't an issue.

Overall were you satisfied with the performance you presented on your return to the international stage?

MrGhost: I feel that we have room for improvement but overall satisfied with my team's performance.

Speaking of a international stage, the next time a wide audience will see you in action is at the big Garena Star League 2013. What are your goals for the event?

Shuiyu: WE WANT TO WIN! And also beat Trademark and Stay Green!

Who do you think will be your biggest competition?

MrGhost: I would say the biggest challenger would be Stay Green but we're pretty concerned about the teams in Thailand as we rarely scrim against them.

You have been to two DreamHacks, the home field of the NA/EU teams - now they come to your house. Do you think playing in front of your home region's crowd will make an impact? Will it push you and the other SEA teams even further?

Shuiyu: I believe it will boost our confidence level as we're after all playing somewhat close to home ground! Welcome to South East Asia my NA/EU buddies! Going to be good.

Do you have any specific plans in terms of preparation?

MrGhost: Eat. Eat before events and after events! Haha! Of course we've been training. Whether on smurfs or not I won't comment!

You recently won one of the biggest LAN event in HoN history with the Malaysian National Championships. Would you say your team excels in LAN settings and why?

Shuiyu: Our team has definitely been through many LAN events. I wouldn't say that we're number one in that area but of satisfactory level. Though we have our own individual LAN personalities like our drafter, MrGhost who stresses out his G-drafting.

This tournament will not only give you and the NA/EU team more exposure, but also give us a glimpse into the deep talents of the entire SEA region. What is your intel on regions like China or Thailand even?

MrGhost: We haven't been able to scrim or play against them due to barrier constraints but we're hoping to meet some impressive teams from there!

Source: Orange eSports.HoN Facebook

Overall the NA/EU region seems to be one step ahead of SEA and CIS based on DreamHack performances. Where do you see the biggest advantage the NA/EU teams have?

Shuiyu: Perhaps because they had a head start into HoN as compared to us, in terms of competitive experience they also have a head start in that. That is the only advantage I see right now, they just started earlier.

Then again you are also the standout in your own region, what sets you apart from the rest of SEA teams?

MrGhost: I believe it's because of our exposure to international HoN teams. Through that we have learned a lot in game experience and overall team performance.

Some international players have voiced concerns about the Bo1 format in the tournament, hinting that they will prepare save and sound strategies just for that setting. What are your opinions on the Bo1 format throughout huge portions of the tournament?

Shuiyu: I personally feel that this format is better as it showcases the team's skill level better. The outcome will also depend on the strategies that the teams use. It would be smart of them to play safe.

Ultimately give me a prediction for the event. Who will be the Top 3 teams standing at the podium in Bangkok, Thailand in the end of March?

MrGhost: ORGE!!! Stay Green and Trademark!

Last but not least some random questions for you:

With all NA/EU teams being involved in HoN Tour, a lot less international tournaments are going on. Do you miss the competition with the top teams of the entire world?

Shuiyu: Yes, we do feel a little left out. But with the upcoming announcement of the 2nd HonTour, we're excited! It's going to be a lot of fun to compete with the international teams again, looking forward to it.

Does it hurt or help your team that dabeliuteef and wangwang also have their Dota 2 career flourishing? In what way exactly?

MrGhost: Wangwang is no longer in our team so we will wish him the best! As for dabeliuteef, we're pretty sure he's able to juggle both games.

Sorry to hear that, what affect will that roster change have for your GSL chances?

We need to find our teamwork again with Nick_Oks`
MrGhost: It will limit us a bit. We need to to find our teamwork again with Nick_Oks`. Our coordination, synergy and communication needs to be adjusted again. It will take some time and time is short. Won't be easy, but we will definitely try our best to integrate Nick_Oks` into our team as quick and as good as possible.

The SBHL tournament showed us the SEA flavor carry in Sand Wraith. Why do you guys love that hero so much? What makes him so special for the SEA teams apparently?

Shuiyu: It's a Garena Trademark!

DreamHack, Malaysia National Championships or the Garena Star League, which tournament has or had the most value and prestige to it in your opinion?

MrGhost: Of course the Malaysia National Championships!

Any Final shoutouts you want to make?

Shuiyu: Shoutout to Qiqi~! Shoutout to Mischa! Shoutout to Trent! And Orange eSports for supporting us!
MrGhost: Shoutout to Mischa! Shoutout to Nova, Beef and Soren! & to all our fans! See us at GSL 2013!

Special shoutout to [GM] Mischyz aka Mischa for her help setting up this interview!