Na'Vi secures €1,500 in Bigpoint Battle March

Posted by Daniel "SaltyDan" Offen at 16 March 2013 05:03

Na`Vi took down Team Liquid in the grand final of Bigpoint Battle March to secure a €1,500 cash prize. Team Liquid settled for second after failing to secure their lead in the grand final.

Na'vi has emerged victorious in Bigpoint Battle after their victory over Team Liquid in the grand final. Na'Vi won the final 2-1, with Team Liquid taking the first game. Na'vi take home 1500 Euroes with Team Liquid taking home 500 for finishing second.

Both teams had to go through fairly tough semi-finals but proceeded with little difficulty. Na'Vi faced up against Fnatic.EU, who they beat 2-0 despite accidentally randoming a Zeus (Dendi proceeded to stomp on him) in the second game.

Team Liquid went through 2-1 up against Mousesports, relying upon Korok's Anti-Mage in the first game and then TC's Phantom Lancer in the third. While their games may not have been exciting funfests they were excellent examples of Dota strategy executed at a high level.

Game 1

With top lane ending up very busy and producing lots of kills, it quickly seemed like TC would be unable to garner huge amounts of farm on the Phantom Lancer. With the Na'Vi tri-lane ultimately winning up top, and Funn1k's prophet picking up healthy early game farm, the game quickly looked as if it were going Na'Vi's way. Matters were made better by Dendi's Windrunner completely dominating mid against Korok's Beastmaster.

With XBOCT picking up his core items on the Naix, Na'vi quickly decided that something had to be done quickly. They pushed bot-lane hard, eventually managing to take the tier three tower. The Rax however illuded them, a failure they would come to rue. Phantom Lancer flourished in the space created by Na'Vi focussed pressure. As he begain rumble ominously forward, it became quickly clearly that Na'Vi had nothing to counter him, making the Dagon pick-up on the Prophet even more puzzling. Inevitably the walls to Na'Vi's flimsy sandcastle were bashed down by the unstoppable wave that is PL and it became abundantly clear they should have pushed harder to end the game sooner.

Game 2

From the draft alone it was clear that Team Liquid were going to struggle. Broodmother was nonsensically picked up against Keeper of the Light, Rubick, Naga Siren and Magnus, four of the heroes that best counter her. XBOCTs Naga was able to dominate the bottom lane, farming up Bulba's spiders using riptide and building up a healthy early advantage. Meanwhile, Na'Vi were winning the tri-lane versus tri-lane at top. The AOE damage of Magnus, Rubick and KOTL proved too much for Team Liquid and Chaos Knight and Wisp were left under-leveled and unable to have a midgame impact.

Na'Vi managed to let Team Liquid back into the game somewhat, feeding a slow trickle of kills due to the unfocussed pressure in the bot lane. However it quickly became clear that XBOCT was building up way too much farm on the Naga Siren, and Funn1k was growing increasingly fat on the Druid. With Chaos Knight failing to capitalize on its advantage in the midgame and Broodmother offering very little (despite her healthy farm) Team Liquid soon collapsed under the pressure that Na'Vi were able to exert upon them.

Game 3

Our final, and deciding, game of the series quickly settled down into a sedate affair. While Dendi was given his Pudge, both teams' decision not to field any hero in their offlane lead to both carries being given free farm. While neither picked up a kill, XBOCT's Weaver was given a very early tower leaving him ahead, something he'd carry throughout the game. Slightly later a great turnaround by Na'Vi after Liquid repelled Pudge's gank and gave them an early advantage, which they carried into the mid game. An underleveled Silencer was repeatedly killed by Dendi and Na'Vi proceeded to ruthlessly take down Team Liquids outer towers.

While TC had managed to pick up a reasonable amount of farm upon his Gyrocopter the Weaver quickly became impossible to deal with and Na'Vi rolled over Liquid's base. An anti-climatic end to what had been a great tournament perhaps but a fantastic demonstration of how well and confidently Na'Vi are playing with their new roster.


Na`Vi received €1,500 for first place and Team Liquid bagged €500 for their efforts to reach the grand final.

Bigpoint Battle March prize
1st placeUkraine Na`Vi€1,500
2nd placeUnited States Liquid€500

The next installment of the Bigpoint Battle will be next month. JoinDOTA will be hosting the EIZO Cup in March following the conclusion of the Bigpoint Battle and is expected to be announcing it soon.

Source: Bigpoint-Battle