compLexity Gaming crowned SBHL Champion

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The final day of SoundBlaster Heroes League coverage did not disappoint with compLexity Gaming and Lions eSports burning down the house with an intense, gripping, thrilling, long and exhausting six hour marathon to crown a champion. Ultimately compLexity Gaming had more stamina and walks away with the title from their "home tournaments".

United States compLexity Gaming3:2Sweden Lions eSports

The whole SoundBlaster Heroes League had intense series with Orange eSports again Afraid, Orange eSports against Stay Green, the upset of Lions eSports against Stay Green or the firework that was Lions against QsQ. Still none of that matches could even come close to the excitement and intensity that the Grand Final, the epic conclusion with compLexity Gaming against Lions eSports brought.

In a six hour marathon both teams played their hearts out, delivering pretty much everything to the Heroes of Newerth fans that you can hope for. Interesting hero choices, entertaining item pickups, special Airforce tactics, crucial misplays, drama and ultimately the shining compLexity Gaming as the first ever SoundBlaster Heroes League Champion.

It all started out with Lions eSports going back to their success against Stay Green yesterday by drafting Monkey King, Soulreaper and Tempest in the same team - something they would do again later that evening. Another comparison to the Stay Green opening match was the result, with the Swedish team ultimately getting a head start in the series. The road to that victory though was a lot more thrilling than yesterday with Lions eSports being down initially, making some minor mistakes and miscues in their play, but ultimately pulling together as a team and overcoming those little mistakes. Overall the first match came down to compLexity Gaming attempting to get Mega creeps against their opponents, Lions eSports orchestrating a miraculous defensive stand which led to them utilizing Post Haste and killing the base of coL. A 66 minute extravaganza coming down to one defensive hold and the quick counter to kill the Shrine. Special highlight of the last fight was a Codex Courier courtesy of Flensmeister, finishing off a nearly retreating enemy.

In the second game Lions once again recycled a working strategy from yesterday with the Devourer/Engineer combination. Unfortunately for them that didn't work out all too well, but still produced plenty of big plays and hooks by Superkge, one of the standouts of the tournament. He and his accuracy in the hooks made the defensive assignments of Lions a lot easier and held them in the game, trying to overcome a colossal blunder of Handsken in the early game. The Wild Sould player dropped his 1,900 Gold items Alchemist Bones on the ground, where it got destroyed by Franzzii. Handsken could recover in farm, making a relatively early 23 minute Mock of Brilliance, but the early disadvantage still hurt.

Despite that misstep Lions still could hold the map very close and interesting, until coL decided to massively push with their advantage. On the back of a great 4-man Tempest ultimate the North American powerhouse could walk into the enemy base and get Lions to concede.

Game 3 then saw the unusual appearance of Berzerker, one hero that is very rarely used in competitive play. Early on the big fella had a decent time against MoonMeander on his safe lane. In the end his hits were hard, but not hard enough to take over the game. Haxxeren on the other side with Draconis made another impressive game in the series, had the highest GPM and XPM in the game and was able to wreak havoc with his destructive fire.

Unfortunately for the spectators that third map did not only had a lot of action and an interesting carry battle as features, but also a very long pause because of a "bug abuse". Lions eSports interrupted the Tempest Ultimate twice with an Empath Wall, something that should not be able to be possible. Both teams solved the issues, went to the rulebook and after the pause was over compLexity needed just two won fights to finish the game nice and clean.

Lions now had their back against the walls and decided to get even funkier with the hero choices as they brought in Armadon. The tanky hero that was popular about nine month ago died off recently in a meta more focused around junglers and hard carries. Lions still made it work and showcased the power of immovable phenom. It was a slippery start for the Swedish team, but once compLexity made a huge blunder and lost Pebbles, Aluna and Bubbles one by one. After that Lions rode the momentum and Armadon got beefy with Helm of the Black Legion, Beastheart and Barrier Idol. He got to a point were he could just stand in front of the Barracks and just pound in attacks, without even being phased by the attacks of compLexity Gaming's team. He was too much to overcome and so Lions pushed the series into the fifth and deciding match.

Unfortunately for the climax the fifth and final match was a bit of a downer. compLexity Gaming jumped to a hefty lead early one with a 10-0 kill score after only 18 minutes. At that point Lions eSports was already down close to 10k gold and experience, but still made a defensive hold at their top lane when coL knocked on the door. Still it was only just avoiding the inevitable with compLexity having a farmed Zephyr in their midst.

After 35 minutes coL was able to clean up on the top lane by demolishing the structures and killing several of Lions heroes, pushing them to a lead of 23k gold and 20k experience. The only reason why the game lasted still a bit longer was that compLexity wanted to take absolutely no risks in this clutch situations. They poked in a couple of times, but waited patiently for another Kongor spawn, another Token of Life and the perfect situation to jump in. Lions could mount one last stance using all of their resources on Buybacks, but the next go by compLexity overwhelmed the tough and brave Swedish players, who had to admit defeat.

compLexity Gaming therefor is crowned the first ever SoundBlaster Heroes League Champion and ends a four month drought without a major title. For Lions eSports it was the first appearance in a big Grand Final and a sign of things to come. With them in the mix and on the rise HoN will get even more exiting and intense, eyeing at the last spot open for the HoN Tour Grand Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Final Standings of the SoundBlaster Heroes League
# Team Prizes
1. United States compLexity Gaming $12,000 USD
2. Sweden Lions eSports $8,000 USD
3.-4. United States Stay Green $3,000 USD
3.-4. Europe Trademark eSports $3,000 USD
5.-8. Europe QsQ $1,000 USD
5.-8. Malaysia Orange eSports $1,000 USD
5.-8. United States Tt eSports $1,000 USD
5.-8. Denmark Pikachu $1,000 USD
9.-16. Indonesia nxL Focus eSports

9.-16. Sweden Pencils

9.-16. Europe Afraid

9.-16. Europe Vietnamese Dream

9.-16. Europe Bye Team

9.-16. United States We Are Spies

9.-16.Russia Cats Gaming

9.-16. Europe Team Excellent