Polt secures CM Storm sponsorship

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 13 March 2013 12:21

The peripherals manufacturer recently announced that they have secured a partnership with the former TSL terran and will support his progaming career while he studies and lives in the US.

Polt left Team SCV Life on December 22nd last year, announcing that he will pursue a life abroad, although this did not mean retirement. As the search for a new team did not immediately commence due to Polt's desire to be well mannered to TSL, the terran remained teamless until now.

Polt Wrote:
Hello, everyone. I'm pleased to announce this great news! After I left TSL, I moved to Austin, Texas and have been playing and training without a team. When people asked me about a new team, I couldn't answer anything because I had to keep the secret. Now, however, I can announce everything to you. My new home will be CMStorm!

I'm so excited to have CMStorm as a sponsor and will do my very best to make them proud. Now it a time to start new things, and I certainly believe there is great synergy between CMStorm and me. Also I appreciate Andrew, as my friend and manager, for his dedication and help in securing for me this great opportunity. Thank you, everyone, for all your support, and I hope you continue to cheer me on as CMStorm.Polt!

Polt is the first player to secure a sponsorship from the organization and there is yet no information whether it will remain a Polt-exclusive deal or if there are plans to grow the roster further.

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