Brax: Our defeat at G-League was definitely deserved

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor

Brax is the position 3 player for LGD.Int which recently came second in G-League Grand Final to Invictus Gaming. GosuGamers caught up with him for an interview regarding the defeat his team suffered in the hands of iG, what they could have done better and Na`Vi\\\\\\\'s move to China.

As the game approached 70 minutes, iG was suddenly on the offense. Phantom Lancer then started split pushing by sending illusions in to siege the tower and barracks. Was the game all lost at that point?

The game was not completely lost. We could have bought Battlefury on Juggernaut and Lone Druid but we did not think the game would get to that point. We should have been able to push up the ramp if we took our openings instead of wasting 2 Aegis sitting outside their base. We still felt like we had a chance if they ever took a bad fight or got caught out. We did manage to take a fight and get 2 raxes and that could have potentially been the throne if we went all in for it. The problem for us is during the game, it is not clear what we should be doing. Phantom Lancer spamming illusions at us may have delayed us long enough for their other core heroes like Batrider to respawn. We were only able to take two rax because we split up and I dragged the Phantom Lancer and a support down bottom with me.

Na`Vi’s CEO, ZeroGravity mentioned that Na`Vi will be the pioneers of the next Dota 2 meta-game. Do you think Na`Vi is a team of such calibre to change the entire meta-game of Dota 2?

Na`Vi’s definitely a team full of potential but it’s too early to say what they are capable of. I am going to have to give the generic let us wait and see answer. I have no experience playing against Na`Vi but I do believe iG is the best Dota team in the world.

Considering the G-League is your first Asian LAN tournament, tell us the differences between the fans there and the fans back in America.

That was actually my first offline tournament but the atmosphere was amazing. I would definitely compare it to like a baseball game back at home. The production quality and enthusiasm of the fans was truly fantastic.

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Eric “reinnnn” Khor
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