SEA Champion Against NA/EU Champion Headlining SBHL Day 6

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.

The second triple-header of the SoundBlaster Heroes League delivers the battle of the regions, the battle of Tralfamadore and Riser_ against their old teams and the rematch of a demotion game. An action packed Tuesday is awaiting us.

SBHL Quarterfinals
United States Stay Green Malaysia Orange
United States swindlemelonzz Malaysia MrGhost
United States Zfreek Malaysia Shuiyu
Australia sLiCKz Malaysia kiDDO`
Germany Khezu Malaysia wangwang
Sweden Chessie Malaysia dabeliuteef
Recent Result: 1:1 (DreamHack Winter 2012)
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It is the great battle between the best team from NA/EU and the undisputed best team from the SEA region. A lot has changed inside the teams since their last meetings with a grand total of three players leaving both teams in the meantime.

Still the core of both teams is still intact with swindlemelonzz, Zfreek and Khezu on Stay Green's side and MrGhost, Shuiyu, dabeliuteef and wangwang on Orange's side. The teams know each other, the teams have played each other numerous times and the teams respect each other. The last time those teams met wasn't just different from the player names and characters on the teams, but also from the starting position. Back in the times of DreamHack Winter 2012 Orange eSports was known to be good, but no one really had a grip on how good they really were. Stay Green on the other hand was one of the most promising young teams in the NA/EU region with several players and fans giving them a realistic chance to win the whole event.

Month later everyone has a good understanding on how good both teams really are. Orange eSports is the most dominanting force in the SEA market and the reigning Malaysian National Champion - which brought the players a record-setting $100,000 USD. Stay Green is the undisputed NA/EU champion with three Diamond Division titles and counting. Both teams will meet here with the ping disadvantage clearly on Orange eSports side, but both teams could also wind up squaring off in Thailand - on SEA soil.

SBHL Quarterfinals
United States compLexity Gaming United States Tt eSports
United States bkid United States LeonBlack
United States Riser_ United States Moiravus
United States Franzzii United States Tralfamadore
Canada MoonMeander United States CHEESEHELMET
Denmark Haxxeren Canada Jeppins
Recent Result: 2:1 (Diamond Division Cycle 7)
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Two old names of Heroes of Newerth clashing for yet another time. Two of the most historic franchises in the history of HoN are set to collide once again with young faces on one side, the established crew on the other side.

In the last couple of weeks Tt eSports has gone through a lot of roster changes, but also has picked up the pace again. With Tralfamadore, Jeppins and CHEESEHELMET three new players are gracing the roster with their skills, while LeonBlack plays the role as a captain and drafter - also a new circumstance for him. Still the team has been written dead numerous times with numerous roster changes in the recent history, only to prove everyone wrong.

On coL's side former Tt eSports player Riser_ brough new energy and a fresh breeze into the tumbling giants. After his arrival in the roster a spark in the performance can be recognized with a second place finish in the sixth Cycle of the Diamond Division and a third place in the seventh. They also went deep into the brackets in both GSL Qualifiers, but couldn't pull off the upset to travel to Thailand.

In head-to-head coL has the clear advantage over Tt eSports with two victories in the last 23 days. Twice both teams met in the second round of the Upper Bracket, twice compLexity left the servers and the battlegrounds of Caldavar as the winner. Will they make a third victory in a row or can Tt eSports turn it around?

SBHL Quarterfinals
Europe QsQ Sweden Lions
Germany NoVa Sweden Superkge
Sweden Jonassomfan Sweden Krebsen
Sweden NoX Sweden Hansken
Belgium Style Sweden Sealkid
Finland Malle Sweden Flensmeister
Recent Result: 1:2 (Diamond Division Cycle 7)
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The European battle of the slumping team and the surging team - a potential grudge match even. Before the last Cycle of HoN Tour Lions eSports and QsQ didn't really build up a rivalry or a grudge against each other. They were two good teams that constantly finished in the Top 6 or above.That changed last Saturday when it was not a match down the line in the Diamond Division, but it was elimination time - loser leaves the Diamond Division.

The better end of that exchange went to Lions eSports, who still fought their way through the bracket and claiming the 5th/6th place, but for QsQ it was the end of a run. As one of the original Diamond Division teams QsQ did fall down into the Gold Division for the first time in their team history. Never before did the team lose both of their first matches, even though it was very close in the first Cycle as well.

Now the boys around former fnatic player NoVa get the chance for revenge against the Swedish team around Superkge. The chance to redeem themselves, set the record straight and gain a notable victory in their recent slump.

The match will not be streamed live, but as a replay cast by Beef on coLcast. Scheduled matches for live casts are Stay Green against Orange eSports and Tt eSports against compLexity Gaming. Following those matches Beef will get into the action of the European battle and close out the quarterfinals of the SoundBlaster Heroes League.

Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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