European Duel Kicks off Finals Week in SBHL

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.

The first week in the SoundBlaster Heroes League was interrupted by some reschedules and forfeits, now the second week premiers with a European battle. Pikachu and Trademark eSports have squared off before, but this time their tournament lifes and a lot of money is hanging in the balance.

SBHL Quarterfinals
Denmark Pikachu Europe Trademark
Denmark TPSpriceless Sweden Mynuts
Denmark Nir Sweden Fittske
Denmark Buch Sweden zai`
Sweden fUzi Sweden Limmp
Sweden MisterP Denmark noobG
Recent Result: 0:2 (Diamond Division Cycle 7)
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The opener for the second week of SoundBlaster Heroes League competition was the closer for Pikachu's Diamond Division run in Cycle 7. Both teams met in that Cycle in the second round of the Lower Bracket with Trademark eSports getting the better out of that exchange. Still also their run in that tournament was stopped short by Team Excellent one round later.

That being said both teams didn't live up to the expectations in recent history with Pikachu clawing their way back into the Diamond Division two Cycles ago by winning the Gold Championship. After that the results were mediocre at best, going down to the Lower Bracket twice after the first match, still managing to avoid a demotion though. Still the team only has a combined series record of 3-4 after returning to the big leagues and there spot in the big HoN Tour Qualification tournament to get the final spot for Las Vegas, Nevada is in serious jeopardy. This SoundBlaster Heroes League might be the only opportunity the team gets to prove their talent and their worth in a major contest for the next couple of weeks.

Trademark eSports on the other hand is slumping as well, just on a higher level. The dominant squad of the last couple of month has been suffering several losses in HoN Tour lately. It all started with them losing to Stay Green in the Grand Finals of the first GSL Qualifier, which triggered the spiral downwards. Their combined record of the last two weekends of HoN Tour competition is at 2-4 in terms of series, after the team had only lost a combined 2 series in their first 5 Cycles.

Still Trademark eSports and Pikachu managed to win their first round matches in the SoundBlaster Heroes League with 2-1 against Team Excellent and Cats Gaming respectively. Now those two wounded teams are battling it out for a chance to grace the semifinals with their appearance. Favorite is still Trademark eSports with a better résume, their recent GSL Qualifier victory and the stability of the team. Pikachu had to go through yet another roster change, but they will still be looking for the upset to get one step further to the SoundBlaster Heroes Championship.

Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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