HerO, NesTea, Fantasy in Up/Down group of death

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Scheduled to commence March 4th, the up/down matches for the first HotS Code S season harbor grand names like Stephano, MKP, Rain, Effort and Creator.

These up/down games will be the last ones in Wings of Liberty and will serve as relegation for who will enter Heart of the Swarm holding a Code S status or struggling in Code A. They will also decide if the next S season will feature a foreigner or not.

Games will be played March 4-6, and will be followed by the grand conclusion of the last WoL Code S season on March 9th.

Code S Season 2 Up/Down groups

Group A
Korea YongHwa
France Stephano
Korea Trust
Korea Lure
Korea MarineKing

Group C
Korea Fantasy
Korea Keen
Korea HerO
Korea NesTea
Korea Maru

Group E
Korea Sniper
Korea Flying
Korea Bbyong
Korea Byun
Korea Rain
Group B
Korea Effort
Korea Creator
Korea Ryung
Korea Shine
Korea Killer
Korea Center

Group D
Korea Bboong
Korea Avenge
Korea Labyrinth
Korea Crazy
Korea Alive
Korea Noblesse