WhiteRa, Stephano, Grubby, Lucifron at HotS launch party

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 26 February 2013 00:20
Blizzard just announced the players and casters for the Heart of the Swarm launch party in Versailles, France, beginning March 11th.

Four of the most well known SC2 personalities will travel to Versailles in two weeks' time. The player booth will be occupied by arguably the strongest foreign zerg Stephano, the protoss eSports ambassadors WhiteRa and Grubby and the terran half of the Moreno brothers, Lucifron. Their matches will be cast Tastosis and Apollo on the English Stream and Pomf and Thud on the French stream while Adebisi and RedEye take take of observing and hosting the event, respectively.

This line-up is, of course, just one of the many that will accompany the worldwide launch of Heart of the Swarm. For the other regions, attending personalities are as follows:

Australia event
Australia Moonglade
Australia Yang
Australia Deth
Australia PiG
Casters: Maynarde, Infeza, Flamga

South Korea event
Korea Flash
Korea Bisu
Korea Jaedong
Korea Mvp
Korea Creator
Korea Life
Casters: Yong Jun Jeon, Jae Kyung Um

Taiwan event
Korea Nestea
Taiwan Sen
Casters: Sobad, Joeman

France event
Ukraine WhiteRa
France Stephano
Netherlands Grubby
Spain Lucifron
Casters: Tasteless, Artosis, Apollo, Pomf, Thud

United States event
Korea Polt
Korea MC
United States Suppy
United States Vibe
Casters, Day[9], Husky

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