Fnatic rule as titans on W3D1

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Fnatic enters week 3 with a crushing performance, demonstrating total domination.

Fnatic came back to this week's Championship Series stronger than ever, crushing both Copenhagen Wolves and Evil Geniuses convincingly. Though they've secured a higher position on the standings, Evil Geniuses remain in the lead but are frighteningly close to dropping it to Fnatic in the near future.

Tomorrow, Fnatic will be able to accomplish a tie with Evil Geniuses should they defeat Against all Authority, who accomplished pulling out their first win against the Wolves. This week also secures Fnatic in top 5 for our GosuRankings.

Copenhagen Wolves kicks things off strong as ever with their star player Bjergsen finally joining them to play with the team. However, after a rough dive for Copenhagen Wolves, Fnatic starts off 5-0, taking out that signature early game dominance straight away from CHW.

The pace of the game wouldn't change by much as Fnatic got kill after kill and took full control of the game, devestating CHW and throwing them into major desperation. There's really not much to say about a game that was such a one-sided steamroll, but Copenhagen Wolves was utterly crushed under the pressure from Fnatic.

The exciting picks this week continue, with Thresh being picked up as well as a jungle Nasus. GIANTS does a good job keeping things at a stalemate early on, though Gambit Gaming does manage to pick up the first dragon. Unfortunately for Alex Ich, the camp was very, very brutal for him, starting him off 1-3 early on.

Though Giants appear to be playing excellently, Gambit Gaming endlessly hunts Bobeta on Sona, bringing her to 4 out of the 5 deaths on Giants. Despite this, Giants keeps the gold disparity extremely small and ties up the dragon count at 20 minutes in. Giants continues keeping themselves in the game by going for a very risky baron, only losing their poor, precious Sona in the crossfire.

Despite the subtle advantages, Gambit still manages to retain kill and gold league as well as map control following the residual effects of the Nashor kill. In the end, Gambit Gaming proved the valuable experience they had over Giants, taking the second baron and shutting Giants down from taking the 2-0 Also, Thresh had 180 AP at the end of the game...Jesus!

Copenhagen Wolves tries desperately to nail a win in the LCS against AAA and they start off on the right foot by picking up a first blood on fredy122. Fights go back and forth with clutch saves coming across bot sides but Copenhagen Wolves staying slightly ahead in the early game.

AAA has definitely shown that they came to the LCS prepared and revitalized, making the Wolves anxious and open to many mistakes. AAA maintains the global advantage and quite a hefty lead upon the wolves, despite having an arguably weaker late game.

Later, Copenhagen Wolves finds a perfect initiation, deleting Ezreal from the fight and still end up on the grim side of things. Things are looking a pbit rough for CHW's chances of winning at this point despite no inhibitors being down.

With 3 inhibitors down and Ezreal having a full 6 item build including selling off his boots for Zephyr, Cophenagen Wolves tries to hang on hopelessly, but finally succumbs to the invasion from AAA.

Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses had a delayed start but the hype and excitement was worth it as Froggen gets to pick his precious Anivia, sOAZ innovates yet again with Blitzcrank top, and Cyanide plays Kayle in the jungle, as she is strong anywhere. Double teleport on Fnatic means Evil Geniuses has to be very wary of the mobility potential.

xPeke would pay dearly in the laning phase by the unbanned Froggen Anivia, losing 1v1 and being first blooded by the deadly bird. EG pushes this slight lead to take the first dragon. Miraculously, xPeke keeps up in farm with blue-buff Anivia and Fnatic takes the kill lead 3-1 at 14 minutes, pushing the gold score to relatively even slightly favoring Fnatic.

One of the most beautiful baits come out from Fnatic, abusing the Intervention on Yellowstar to take a tower and several kills middle, bringing them up a tower and 5 kills. Unsuspectingly for Evil Geniuses, they would find themselves crushed in the palms of sOAZ and nRated, absolutely destroying Froggen and Wicked with the grabs and instagibs. The game was a lot less close than most would have suspected and there was no secret stall strategy this time around, Fnatic came as the more prepared team and Evil Geniuses must go home and prepare harder for the next week.

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