Vulcun maintains momentum for the 3-0 this week

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

To close out the week, compLexity nails their first victory of the tournament and Vulcun goes home triumphant and astonishingly undefeated.

On a further note, Counter Logic Gaming redeems their poor performance Thursday by taking out Complexity while on the other side of the spectrum in the negative light, Good Game University does not seem to be capable of pulling things together quite yet without their full roster.

The night kicks off with MARN vs. Good Game University, MARN desperately trying to pull out a win. The game begins back and forth and though GGU has statistically performed better in the LCS thus far, MRN opens up strong with an early dragon.

Unfortunately for viewers, this game would probably make it in the history books in terms of passivity, going a whopping 25 minutes without a first blood. Luckily, the hostility ensues, action begins and MRN picks up a clean sweep on GGU. The stomping would continue and MRN would win the game with a complete 11-0 shutout, embarrassing GGU with objective control and dexterity.

The next game would become a lot more exciting for onlookers with the first blood coming no more than 4 minutes in. NickWu on Shen takes the early blue for the 1v2 on Shen and CLG quickly capitalize on this with a swift towerdive between Doublelift, Aphromoo, and L1nk to transfer the buff to L1nk on Jayce.

Over the course of early game, CLG picks up an early gaming, capitalizing on the 4 man aggression top on HotshotGG's Malphite. Counter Logic Gaming does a great job at keeping subtle leads but by no means counting Complexity out. Though Counter Logic Gaming found themselves weak in a 5v5 scenario early, the Muramanas would stack up for Doublelift and Link and they would find themselves in a superb seiging position.

Curving into the mid game, coL would catch CLG off guard with a crushing one for four teamfight. Not ready to back down to the less experienced team yet, CLG sieges mid inhibitor, taking it with few casualties and swinging around the map, grasping global objectives firmly and dominantly. With the lead, CLG was able to drive things home.

Following up would be MARN vs. Vulcun, two teams that have come into this week's LCS learning from plenty of mistakes of the past and coming back as whole new teams. Both team's junglers start off by stealing away the opposing team's blue buff, but MARN still comes out ahead early with the very abusive and aggressive pushing power. Vulcun's bottom tower gets taken away 4 minutes into the game.

Though MARN shows primary control leading into the midgame, Vulcun doesn't let up too early and fights an excellent dragon fight which would turn things temporarily in their favor. After 23 minutes in and catching MRN off guard, Vulcun takes baron and finds themselves in the lead for the first time in the game.

As the game looks to close itself out, Zuna and Mandatorycloud, and SychoSid find themselves blessed by skillshot angels and land amazing bursts of damage to solidify a gigantic lead on MRN after being behind by several thousands of gold. Vulcun closes this game out to go 3-0 this week.

The last game of the night has Good Game Unversity ended up one of the most action packed of the night. With over an average of 1 kill per minute up through the mid game, explosive ganks went out everywhere, with clutch heals and saves mostly on compLexity's part.

Through the majority of the game GGU was ahead, they chose one of the worst possible times to engage in a dragon contest with compLexity, losing dragon for free and getting aced 5 for 0. However, after attempting to pick off NintendudeX compLexity finds themselves aced by GGU's power as well.

The battle rages on and compLexity find themselves in an advantageous situation when it comes to 5v5 fights, with Twitch becoming instagibbed. Although Dontmashme would find himself with a stable amount of gold and some hefty items on Twitch, the assassination was too strong for comLexity and they would end up closing out the game, taking their first victory of the LCS.