Curse 5-0 and GGU pulls out their first win in this week's LCS

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Curse wins every single game in the LCS and Good Game University finally pulls out a well deserved first win at this week's LCS.

Curse has been pumping out the same results we've expected consistently from week 1 and are keeping their fire ignited. In their first match-up against a now-prepared Vulcun, Curse played it simple and standard and shredded through the lines of Vulcun gaming. Vulcun tried to throw them for a spin with an intriguing "double support" strategy, but no amount of unique play would plow through the static efficiency that is Curse Gaming.

Though Vulcun did not allow themselves get steam rolled, it was clear cut who the superior team was coming ito this week and Curse went ahead to show that they were in tip top shape.

In the next game of the night, Dignitas showed their experience and Good Game University showed their lack of an entire main roster straight off the bat. Due to some exam interference, GGU had to swap around three players. Dignitas takes advantage of the top lane sub's lack of 1v2 tournament experience and dives them, getting a massive advantage after taking dragon right away.

Though GGu held on strong, it was not enough to keep Dignitas from rampaging objectives and forcing GGU to stick to their lanes and get crushed. Eventually the pressure was proven too much and Dignitas took the swift victory.

TSM entered the arena shocking everyone with a Tristana pick with heavy CC and they were quick to abuse it versus Team MARN. Tower dive after tower dive after tower dive, Tristana picked up a very quick 4 kills off of it, With some masterful split pushing on Dyrus's end, the rest of TSM take a baron for free with TSM up 8-2.

Team Solomid is a team that is great at taking advantage of their current established strengths and shoved turrets, proving their dominance and owning the entire map. They put themselves at 4-2 after crushing MARN once seizing several advantages.

The final match would be one of the most important games in the history of their gaming careers as Good Game University and Vulcun Command fight hard to grasp their first win of the LCS. Both teams proved the importance of their game by staying relatively even for the majority of the game's duration.

Even after 20 minutes, the scores were tied as the rivalry played out with Vulcun taking the slight lead in gold from the dragon advantage. Eventually, GGU would find themselves pushing down the middle inhibitor after successful abuse of their poke composition.

Ultimately, through solid engages and disengages from both teams, Good Game University utilized their strategy superior in the end and took their first win of the tournament despite having two subs and Zionspartan on an unfamiliar role.

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