MLG Showdowns on VODs: HotS with Parting, Rain, Fantasy and more

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
The competition for the Winter Championship seeds has been on for some time now and with the first week now done, we take a look back to how the first five players qualified.

Week one was not only Korean-only, but also KeSPA only. Proven players Rain, Fantasy, Soulkey and Bogus were mixed up with one of the best ex-students of eSF - double world champion PartinG - to concoct an explosive opening of the competition.

The concept of the MLG Showdowns, for those unfamiliar, is simple: win your Heart of the Swarm match and you will be placed at the Winter Championship alongside Life, Leenock, Flash and Bomber. The WC itself, to be held March 15-17, will be the first MLG event for the year, to feature an all-HotS program of matches and $75,000 total prize pool.

Spoiler free VODs from the first week can be found just below and we'll make sure that our database is up to date whenever a new match is finished.

Contrast to week one, the days spanning between February 11-14 will have nothing but foreigners, Stephano, Mana, Thorzain, Sase and Snute among them.

Sweden Sase vs Norway Snute
Poland Nerchio vs Denmark BabyKnight
France Stephano vs Russia Titan
Poland Mana vs Ukraine Bly
Germany Socke vs Sweden Thorzain

MLG Showdowns: Week 1
Korea PartingVODKorea Fantasy
Korea RorOVODKorea hero[join]
Korea BogusVODKorea Baby
Korea SoulkeyVODKorea Last
Korea RainVODKorea Flying