Curse Remain Dominant After Day 2

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Curse Gaming stops CLG dominantly and narrowly escapes from the grasps of GGU to come out of week 1 of LCS 3 and 0. No other team showed up as dominantly as Curse. Which team can stop this runaway freight train?

Unleashing A Beast

An amazing opening game for day 2 started with CLG going up against many of CLG’s formerly benched players in Curse Gaming. CLG was coming into the game all out with a fearsome Nunu/Cait pick, however Curse wasn’t afraid whatsoever picking Olaf and Xin Zhao. Giving Olaf a starting blue buff, he was able to stop the strong push lane of Cait/Nunu from obtaining an early tower. Without the early tempo going towards CLG’s favor, Curse focused down Anivia with early pressure to dictate the pace of the game. With everything going toward Curse’s favor they dominantly shut down CLG’s winning spree in a 19-3 game.

Riding on momentum Curse soon came face to face against GGU. Choosing a strong poke composition Curse started the game quite strong, but GGU proved that they qualified for S3 for good reason. Without a proper initiation in GGU’s comp, GGU instead chose their itemization carefully with Rumble getting Rylais and Lulu with Twin Shadows to provide an initiation for them. Proving too much in a proper 5v5 team fight Curse instead opted to let Voyboy’s Nidalee split push while maintaining a 4v5. GGU almost closed out the game by taking 2 inhibitors, both nexus towers, and 50% of the nexus, however with an instant kill on twitch and Voyboy teleporting in GGU could not finish off Curse’s Nexus. The ace proved too much for GGU for Curse would come back to defend their base with a baron and would once again ace GGU for another victory.

Ties all around

Team SoloMid after expecting to do well after a slightly disappointing day 1 came into day 2 like a steamroller. Dignitas who thought that they would demolish TSM was flabbergasted a completely different team from day 1. Led by Dyrus on Renekton, TSM annihilated Dignitas and showed that they are still a sleeping giant.

TSM and CLG both continued to show that they were on equal footing after the 1st week of play with a 2-1 record. Dignitas was the only other team to come out with a win and concludes week 1 with a 1-2 record.

Round three: Week 2 Day 1

The North American scene concludes this week with surprises upsets. Day 3 will resume on February 14 at 22:00 CET with Dignitas facing against Team Marn. Followed by a rematch of TSM against Vulcan Gaming. Then we will have the revived Complexity Gaming meet Marn, and finally end the day with another rematch of TSM vs Dignitas.