CLG pull ahead after LCS NA opening day

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Counter Logic Gaming were the ones to secure a 2-0 lead in the LCS rankings after demolishing both TSM and GGU last night. As day two resumes, they'll get the chance to amplify their lead even further as they face Curse Gaming.

Outrivaling and outclassing

In what is likely the most suitable opening game for the epic NA circuit, the oldest rivals on the scene TSM and CLG clashed swords to play what was somewhat of an match play at least compared to the hype surrounding it. Going for somewhat of an unorthodox composition with Syndra on mid and Urgot/Taric on top lane and securing both blue buffs at level one, CLG easily dictated the tempo until the end of the game. As they faced a line-up that was tanky from the front to the back lines, TSM were essentially checkmated. OddOne's Xin Zhao and Dyrus' Elise desperately aimed at killing the enemy Urgot but always to no avail. As their last attempt ended with a perfect ace from CLG.

If CLG's next match was not at the grandeur of their opening, it was surely closer. GGU, led by Shiphtur's Diana and MashMe's Graves, were many a time close to victory, even clearing up three or four people from CLG at times but ultimately found themselves on the receiving end of triple epic minions. Suffocating from the pressure and with their nexus naked, GGU could only bear witness to their first loss.

The other half of the "Big Four"

CLG and TSM were not the only ones that attracted attention. In the second match for the night, S2 NA runner-ups Dignitas went against SaintVicious' Curse Gaming.

As any good jungle playmaker, Vicious and his Xin Zhao were everywhere, wrecking havoc across Dignitas' lines. Scarra and co were ganked and dived behind towers constantly, suffering a mid-game that was not easy on the eye. Yet, the late-game ended up even more ugly once Vicious teamed up with Voyboy's AP Nidalee, spelling death for Dignitas' Twitch and pushing Curse to their first win.

Round two: Week 1 Day 2

Aiming to surpass LCS's opening, Riot have scheduled another riveting playday. At 02:00 CET, day two of the NA circuit begins with CLG against Curse, or the other great rivalry on the NA scene. Next is TSM's chance to get into positive score as they meet Dignitas, followed by GGU vs Curse and Vulcun vs Dignitas.