European teams mop up Group A at IEM Sao Paulo

General “DreXxiN”

Though the Brazilian teams put up a good fight, Millenium and MeetYourMakers advance onto the playoffs.

The first game of the night would feature both teams representing Brazil battling it out straight away on home soil. The games were not a train wreck, but paiN did display their heavy superiority by taking out Nex straight away for game 1.

MeetYourMakers and Millenium may have been knocked out of the LCS but they showed they were still ready to put up a fight by getting 2nd place in the group. Only appropriate, the next game of the group would feature both Europeans battling it out on foreign soil. The games went back and forth with Millenium seizing control throughout the game. Showing no mercy to their European brethren, Millenium made short work of MeetYourMakers and went ahead into their next match.

Pumped up and ready to go, Millenium would then find themselves facing off against Nex. Even with the outrageous banter and chanting of the enthusiastic Brazilian audience backing them, they could not hold up to the strength that Millenium had brought to the table, dropping down 0-2 in the group and allowing Millenium to advance with just the opposite.

MeetYourMakers regained their momentum by picking off paiN in the next game of the series, the game going back and forth with an extremely close game on their hands. Eventually, MeetYourMakers would tackle objectives and leverage themselves into an advantageous situation to pick up the win against paiN.

Afterwords,MeetYourMakers picking up their second win of the night bringing them to a 2-1 to advance to the playoffs against Nex. Though they went 0-3, they were never steamrolled in any of their games convincingly.

The Brazilian superstars paiN then went ahead to end the night by facing the other European team bringing another nail biting game that would unfortunately end with Millenium seizing the larger advantages and driving themselves to a convincing first place in the group by going 3-0.

Group A results

Millenium most recently has had a roster switch which seems to have worked in their favor thus far as they've placed first in the group. Unfortunately, neither of the Brazilian teams managed to advance but didn't go down without a fight. It is up to Keyd and Insight eSports to carry the torch for their Brazilian brethren tomorrow. As always, keep up to date with our comprehensive coverage hub for the event.