Day 2 ends with only one series going to 3 games

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 26 January 2013 20:56

A giant sigh of relief was shared among the advancing teams while there is still 1 spot to hope for to those who didn't.

The day kicked off with Millennium vs. Copenhagen Wolves. Although the set ended in a 2-0, the matches were in no way a steamroll. Millenium put up a good fight but couldn't seize advantages as much as Copenhagen Wolves who were very on top of things. Copenhagen Wolves masterfully abused weak spots that left the performance of Millennium much to be desired. Though engaging in many great teamfights, Millennium simply fell too far behind in both games.

Top 5 from his profile; Tabzz not doing so hot with his "trademark" champion.

The only game to go to a three game set was a enticing battle between Against all Authority and Dragonborn led my Shushei, once a champion in the roster of Fnatic. The two were neck and neck with aAa narrowly coming out on top. Shushei's innovative Kayle style didn't work as effectively as before, but a special notice goes out to their AD carry, Hosan, who has been an absolute monster in this tournament. Dragonborn simply did not reveal their inner-Dovahkiin and narrowly dropped to the losers bracket.

The Spaniards showed to be unbelievably strong and shock the world once again as they made quite a rough day for Mousesports. All 5 members synergizing extremely well and no one holding the team down, the team has come a long way and has proven it's place amongst the many thrones allotted to the top teams in EU. Giants prevailed and are in the Season 3 Championship.

Last but not least, we had Fnatic vs MeetYourMakers, a tough game with a lot of backstory. Meet Your Makers claimed that they have been consistently defeating Fnatic in scrims, but Fnatic came to prove that scrims do not directly correlate to tournament performance. While Fnatic's performance was a bit shaky on day one, they came back strong as ever and decimated mYm convincingly on day 2, going on to show that competitive League of Legends would not be the same without Fnatic getting a shot at taking back what's "rightfully theirs."

Day 2 results

Although things may be looking grim for the teams participating tomorrow, not all hope is lost and the remaining teams can still contend and fight for the light at the end of the tunnel. There's one spot left in the Championships, so stay tuned and keep covered with who makes it tomorrow.