Orange takes in Ohaiyo and Net, drops WinteR and Ice

General Neo “ggnetneo” Jin Han

Source: Orange on Facebook

After weeks of rumors, there is now clarification about the Orange Dota 2 team. The Malaysians pick up former MUFC players Ohayio and Net.

Just last week news was spread about Wei Pong 'Yamateh' Ng leaving Orange-E Sports for Singaporean Team Zenith, supposedly because of conflict with 'Mushi' Chai Yee Fung. Orange was left with a 5-man squad again and everything seemed fine.

Then there was MUFC, rumored to be disbanding. Those rumors however were denied by the MUFC organization shortly afterwards.

Statement by MUFC:

"We would like to clarify that MUFC eSports is not disbanding. Our organization will reform our Dota 2 division and an official announcement is expecting to be released in this few days. We will focus in Dota 2 this year and keep moving on for our eSports passion!"

No matter the denial, it is now evident that the former MUFC squad will not stay this way, seeing as Net and Ohaiyo officially join Neolution Orange Esports. The newly reformed team consists of Mushi, kyxy, Xtinct and the aforementioned Net and Ohaiyo. This means the departure of BTS co-caster Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan and Chee Cai 'Ice' Chua.

Alongside the reformed roster, Orange announces a new partnership with Neolution, hence the team name.

Statement by Orange Esports:

Orange Esports extends our welcome to Lim ‘Net’ Wai Pern and Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin who will be completing our 2013 DotA team roster. On the other hand, we parted ways with Chan "Winter" Litt-Binn and Chua "Ice" Chee Cai. Like Yamateh, Winter and Ice are also top quality DotA players and accomplished a great deal during their service with Orange Esports. We wish them best of luck in their next stage of DotA career and they will be missed by many of us.

We also take this opportunity to announce our new partnership with Neolution E-Sport who will come in as Orange Esports Platinum Sponsor for 2013. We like to thank the CEO of Neolution Group, Mr. Satean Boonmanant for his generous supports. The sponsorship will complete the new pay package for our Professional DotA players like never seen before in South East Asia. In recognition of their sponsorship, Orange Esports DotA team will be known as “Neolution Orange” in 2013. "

Ice and WinteR have both been part of the Malaysian squad that placed 7th during The International 2012. Both of them have been rumored to leave the team eventually, especially WinteR, who has been benched for the past months. While playing for Orange, they managed to place first in Dota 2 Malaysian Invitational, win the WCG Asian Championships and the Gosucup Asia I.

Orange E-Sports Roster:

Malaysia Wai Pern 'Net' Lim
Malaysia Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo Khoo
Malaysia Joel 'Xtinct' Chan
Malaysia Kang Yang 'kYxY' Lee
Malaysia Yee Fung 'Mushi' Chai

Sources: Orange Esports on Facebook
Neo “ggnetneo” Jin Han
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