StarLadder Season 5 to hold qualifiers

General Sovann “Skim” Kim

Starting into the new year, StarladderTV will host a qualification tournament to determine the remaining slot.

StarLadder TV announces yet another season of their Star Series, but a qualification tournament will be held to complete the list of participants. It will be a double elimination tournament with all games being best-of-ones except for the grand final which will be a best-of-three.

Alongside known teams such as, ex-mTw and aL.Academy will be rather unknown teams from SLTV's Amateur, Semi, and Pro series. To top it all off will be newly formed teams, starring known players. It also gives away information on the new Natural 9 roster with "xoynoznu" and "hara.kun" being listed.

The games will be played on Thursday, 24th January, starting from 17:00 CET. From round 4 on, games will be played on Friday, also 17:00 CET. Aside from v1lat and mtrx4u, joinDota's TobiWan will look to cast a few games as well.


Europe ex-mTw (syndereN, Dutch_Freak, Matrim, Tulex, Warlog)
Iceland aL.Academy (aCidrain, blr, chroMium, linkoo, pandasaurusrex)
Australia Natural 9 (r1sk, blackshatan, Godot, xoynoznu, hara.kun)
Belarus iCCup (j4, wejustzik, Jackal, fng, Sunlight,)
Russia SEX. (IrmaLaerQ, boo! K, shatoteh, AfterLife, frosha)
Europe Kaipi (rmN-, pieliedie, Tzar, qojqva, TBA)
Sweden youBoat (bonzajajaj, pinoy, ddd, vingo, wall-eater, fishbone)
Kazakhstan / Bratva (relegation Match)
Lebanon missclick (mango_banana, couch, snoop, BABARRR, TBA)
Peru Gamer University (Mihawk, mstco, Masoku, Iwo, Smash)
Russia GrandFathers (pgg, Jerry, AZEN, McDeath, Travka, nex1us)
Turkey HWA.Kingston (Elwind , Stansfield , yobi , QQStyle , Dimsdale)
Europe Gam (NiquiV, M4lem, ZOONGOLER, Slain-, Grunt)
Belarus PR (zxc, chshrct, mooNlight, KaHT, naniQ, Axr)
Ukraine GT-M (ALWAYSWANNAFLY, Reso1ution, MAg,-wARDEN, ArsZeeqq)
Russia LAB (TpoH, atheist-, Stress, Aidash, NBD_RodjeR)

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