IEM Katowice Group A Recap

General Garry “IU_aegyo” Chen

Azubu wins with a perfect record, while Gambit Gaming advances to the bracket stages in a nail biting timed tiebreaker.

Azubu Blaze once again showed the world just how dominant they were during the first day of IEM Katowice. Azubu came into the day completely decimating Gambit Gaming with a 15k gold advantage at match end. Then to add on to the carnage Azubu won a slightly closer than expected match against MYM, and finally took out Curse Gaming to leave the group stage 3-0. Azubu showed that they were ready for anything with all of their players on the same page and took off in a dominating fashion.

It was much more difficult to sort the team to advance second due to the last three teams all placing the same. Curse, Gambit, and MYM all held a record of 1-2 in the group stages, therefore having a tiebreaker to used to determine the second team to move on. Gambit Gaming came out of the ashes and faced against MYM for the fastest win time. While this system is uncommon all teams knew the stake of the last match to determine the fastest win timer and with a completely early game comp, Gambit pulled through. With that said, here are the group results.

With an impressive 3-0 win through Group Stages, Azubu Blaze will be looking to continue that momentum on Sunday for the Playoffs. Russian team Gambit Gaming will also be looking to polish and observe their own competition to see if they can’t regroup and pull through with a win for their debut.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Group B matches starting at 14:00 CET with Azubu Frost vs SK Gaming. As always, you can keep up to date on Coverage, Interviews, and VODs by clicking on the links above. Will this truly be a Korean dominated tournament? Or will one of the European teams step up to show that they are no pushovers?