WoL situation report brings infested terran nerf

General Eyal “KOKOStern” Stern
A short situation report lets us know what's up with WoL balance. A new test map has been released with a small update alongside map pool changes.

After recent changes to Infestors and according to the state of HotS - the Zerg caster unit still seemed to be too strong and a nerf to Infested Terrans followed.

Infested Terrans no longer gain weapon and armor upgrades.

According to the report, the latest balance changes did not have the impact Blizzard sought, and so a further change was needed in order to discourage mass-Infestor play in the late game. With a new map released - (4)AntigaShipyard (1.5.3 Balance v2.0) this small yet significant change will be tested.

In addition to the balance update, changes to the ladder pool will also come into play next week in a maintenance period. To match the conditions in tournament maps, Antiga Shipyard and Entombed Valley will have cross-position spawn points only.

Source: Battle.net
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