iG.ChuaN: 'Whoever feels they have a chance can come and try!'

General Loh Zhun Yew “Cookies326”

Invictus Gaming (iG) is currently one of the best Dota 2 teams. With strong performances in both TI2 and G-League, Sgamer interviewed 2 of the team's members, ChuaN and Faith.

They established themselves as outright one of 2012's best teams when they won The International 2. However, they proved to be human back at the G1 League. At the G-League, however, they were able to regain the old glory as they swept through the Group Stages and the Playoffs. Sgamer interviewed 2 of the team's members to talk about LGD teams as well as the G-League matches.

Editor's note: The interview of Faith was conducted on the day they lead LGD 2-0, while the interview to ChuaN was after the series was clinched. The following interview may or may not have different wording from the original article to promote easier reading. However, the meanings from the original phrasing were kept intact.

iG.Faith:'I feel that beating LGD.cn wouldn't be a problem.'
Congratulations to iG for being able to lead 2-0 against LGD, can you please say some words?
Hello everyone, I'm iG.Faith.

Lets talk about the match that happened today against LGD. In the 2nd match, what led you to pick Juggernaut?
I felt that Juggernaut is a strong hero in a trilane, also he has a healing ability. There's a KotL on the other team, so it would help our pushing.

In the second game's mid-game, the game was not so stable. Can you explain to us how did you guys turn the tides later on?
There were a lot of advantages which they gained in the laning phase, and then we decided to fight them. But after several fights, we found that we could not defeat them [at that point] so we dragged into the late game stage.

Before G-League started, iG did a lot of activities. Can you tell us how you adjusted your team's mentality/attitude to Dota?
Because our journey is not a show, everyone still has it.

Yesterday, Misery believed you guys have the opportunity to claim the title, do you think you are able to beat LGD.cn tomorrow in the deciding match?
I feel that it shouldn't be a problem.

Which do you think is stronger, LGD.cn or LGD.int?
I feel LGD.cn is stronger as their play style is more stable and LGD.int is still relatively new, they need to prepare together.

Alright then, thank you for accepting my interview.

iG.ChuaN:'Whoever feels they have a chance can come and try!'
Congratulations to iG for defeating LGD.cn 3-0 and qualifying into the G-league 2012 competition Grand Finals alongside LGD.int. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?
Hi everybody, I'm iG.Chuan, Wong Hock Chuan

iG has just reached the Grand Finals with complete dominance, how did you guys achieve this results?
It's nothing special, just play your position well and show your best spirit.

iG squad's teamfight execution was very strong, can you tell us who makes the first move
Whoever feels they have a chance will do!

I wish to ask, today your Rubick performance was spectacular, stealing Beastmaster's ultimate multiple times, helping your team to control LGD's strength. Can you tell us the secret to stealing spells as Rubick?
The main point is to time it correctly. Also today, the misplay by Beastmaster is also helpful.

In the finals, you will meet LGD's best friend, LGD.int. Can you guys defeat them and defend your throne?
We will do our best, we cannot let the title be given to foreigners - only me as the only foreigner.

After the semifinals, there's a rest time in between(before the finals), what will you guys do?
Should be after Chinese New year, we would do some preparations for the final.

We currently know although Dota 2 (in G-league) has just played finish their semi-finals, but LoL and Starcraft 2 are still in progress. iG has another team that has participated in the G-League competition. What do you have to say to the other members of iG?
I hope iG.LoL will be able to defeat WE and win the title, I also hope xigua of Starcraft 2 will win once again.

Alright, thanks for accepting the interview.

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